Google Curates Data for AI: Whistleblower

By curating the data that artificial intelligence (AI) uses to learn, tech companies like Google can bias the AI to censor information flowing on the internet, a Google whistleblower says.
When Zach Vorhies was working for Google, he was concerned about how the company was curating data to generate AI biased with social justice or leftist values that adhere to certain narratives.
 “AI is a product of the data that gets fed into it,” Vorhies, a former Google employee turned whistleblower, said on EpochTV’s “Crossroads” program on Jan. 5.
“If you want to create an AI that’s got social justice values  … you’re going to only feed it information that confirms that bias. So by biasing the information, you can bias the AI,” Vorhies explained….

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