‘Going Woke’ Trend’s Slippery Slope: Ontario Teachers’ Union Now Opting for Votes Based on Race

Commentary When teachers’ unions came into existence more than a century ago, they had their work cut out for them. Salaries were low, job security was non-existent, working conditions were very poor, and teachers had virtually no professional autonomy. By forming unions, teachers were able to be heard. Over time, unions negotiated reasonable salaries and benefits, secured tenure for permanent employees, improved working conditions, and gave teachers considerable say over their classroom environments. This happened because unions stayed focused on the things that mattered. Virtually all teachers could agree on bread-and-butter issues such as salaries and benefits. As a result, union leaders knew that when they pushed for better wages and working conditions, they had the firm backing of their entire union membership. Too bad union leaders appear to have lost this focus. All too often, teachers’ unions are getting sidetracked by issues that have little, if anything, to do …

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