GOING VIRAL: Candace Owens Posts Video, “I DO NOT support George Floyd!… He Was a Violent Criminal”

Popular conservative went on Facebook to capture an 18 second video on George Floyd, last week, the Minnesota man who was murdered by police.
Since his death Leftists, Antifa and Black Lives Matter burnt and have looted hundreds of shops, companies and government buildings.
Candace loves her country and she is contrary to the violence this week we’ve seen excused and promoted by the Democrat and left leaders.
Candace posted this video on Wednesday it has over a million views

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Candace Owens doesn’t hold back:”The answer to Floyd’s death is representative of a”broken black civilization” that’s quick to”celebrate offenders. We’re embarrassing in that respect. This is why we have a culture that is toxic and a cycle because nobody wants to tell the facts and black America. It is so simple to succeed it is so simple to ask people to write down and apologize and also do these things for us. It’s crap.”

Confession: I Don’t support George Floyd and I refuse to watch him. However, I hope justice is received by his household.

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