Give Thanks for America This Thanksgiving

Commentary This November represents the 400th anniversary of the first thanksgiving of the Pilgrims who, against all odds, survived their first winter in a strange new world an ocean away from everything familiar to them. It had not been an easy year, as nearly half of the Pilgrims died during their first winter in the new world while desperately seeking the religious liberty that had been denied to them in Europe. Children were orphaned, families were torn asunder, and even those who had been strong found themselves sick, weak, and increasingly desperate. It was at this moment that something that can only be described as miraculous occurred. A Native American named Samoset walked out of the nearby woods and shocked the Pilgrims by speaking to them in broken English. The Pilgrims befriended Samoset, and he introduced them to the nearby Wampanoag tribe. Among those was a man named Squanto who …

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