Germplasm Resources Are a ‘Chip’ in China’s Strategy to Surpass the West

An article in state-owned People’s Daily on Oct. 7 defined the new crop seed varieties, granted with property rights, based on germplasm resources, as a “chip” in the modern agriculture field, and emphasized the importance of such resources. The article author, Liu Xu, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and former vice principal of the Academy of Agricultural Sciences, defined “germplasm resources” as biological carriers with exploitable value, involving living individuals and groups and even DNA and genes. The article quoted a February document by the central committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that said,  “seeds are the foundation for the modernization of agriculture” and “fight for turn-over of the seed industry,” indicating an end to the long-standing limitation of intellectual property rights in the seed industry. Shi Shan, a senior media worker who focuses on Chinese political and economic issues who lives in the United States, said this …

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