Georgia’ Voting Law and the Media’s Lies

Commentary The only thing more infuriating than Major League Baseball’s unprecedented decision to punish Georgians over their state’s recent election law has been the national media’s dedication to lying about what the law says and does. Since the bill was signed by Gov. Brian Kemp on March 25, we have heard from media how the bill would supposedly outlaw providing food and water to people standing in line to vote. As Democratic Strategist James Carville told 11th Hour host Brian Williams (with no pushback), ”It is going to be illegal to give somebody that’s standing in line to vote. I have never heard of water being an illegal substance in the United States.” This particular lie has been spread by the President of the United States himself (again with no scrutiny from media). On March 26, President Biden told media before boarding Marine One: “It’s an atrocity. The idea — if you want …

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