General Mattis Joins Forces with Bill Clinton’s Former Secretary of Defense William Cohen at Cohen Group Who Claims President Trump “Is Taking the Road to Tyranny”

The Cohen Group, an outfit comprising numerous people linked to the US military and headed by Bill Clinton’s former Secretary of Defense William Cohen, announced in September the his group was being, joined by US Secretary of Defense, James Mattis.
William Cohen was on CNN, earlier this month:

In an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, William Cohen’62, H’75 was blunt in his warning about the impact of another Trump administration:”We would not recognize America as a democracy.”
Cohen, who had been a Republican US Representative for Maine through the Watergate investigation, informed Amanpour the President Trump”is taking us down the road to tyranny.”

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“[Trump’s] wanting to replicate what he sees as a positive at” Russia, Turkey, China, and North Korea,” Cohen continued. “I believe he wishes to have one-man rule, and it is not the rule of law but only the contrary, the regulation of rule where he only can make decisions.”
When Amanpour asked whether Cohen has lost beliefs that US associations could ward off this particular challenge, he responded that while the US Congress, Department of Justice, along with military are”holding for now,” they may not survive another term.
“[Trump] is doing his very best to tear down these associations and also to politicize themso that they bend down to his rule,” Cohen explained. “He likes to phone that the judiciary’my judges,’ along with the military’my generals.'”

Talk about projection and lies.  These people are ill.
General Mattis has been President Trump’s Secretary of Defense and has been an abysmal failure.  President Trump could not trust him along with military leaders at the White House and had to let them move.  It was a startling surprise for ordinary Americans to watch the shortage of service President Trump obtained becoming than any President.
As we reported a month ago, President Trump brought Kelly Generals Mattis and McMaster. General McMaster was so bad he introduced in Eric Ciaramella. The suspected fake whistleblower behind his colleague, along with the tainted and unconstitutional Ukraine impeachment, Fiona Hill, who’s connected to the White House, to the scandals that are Ukrainian and Russian.  These generals were suspected leakers and liars and surely for this day prove they aren’t behind President Trump or the vast majority of all Americans who support him.
The mindset of the Cohen Group along with these generals along with their actions are reminiscent of a military that is corrupted.  Diana West shares her thoughts on the state of the US today. 
Starting at the 4:50 mark at the movie below West says:

I can tell you that each one of these leaders aren’t apolitical.  They have direct connections to the Army machines or even globalist entities or even the industrialist globalist complicated.  I suggest these are absolutely committed partisans that have lent itself to their positions and the military, to bashing Trump at.

At the 14:30 minute markers in the movie over West describes General Mattis and his supervision at high profile cases.  He had been just a different part from the cabal which was making money while American troops died by using their hands tied to their backs by people like Obama and compliant generals such as Mattis.
Currently Mattis is currently operating with President Bill Clinton’s former Secretary of Defense.  These men must despise President Trump for defeating ISIS and removing US troops.  They need the cash which accompanies it and war. 
It is no surprise that they all are working together to get Trump from their White House so that they can begin making money again.  To hell with all our troops.

Hat tip Marty W.

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