From Waukesha to San Francisco

Commentary The deadly actions of the last few days should serve as a wake-up call to most Americans. Being pro-criminal and anti-police is beginning to undermine the fabric of our civilization. We have already seen a dramatic rise in murders and other crimes. Now, we have a massacre by a convicted criminal who drove a vehicle into a Christmas parade, killing five people and wounding 40 who had gathered to celebrate the birth of Christ and the beginning of the Christmas season. The attack in Waukesha, Wisconsin dazed the country because it was so stunning to see such senseless killing and maiming. It was a frightening reminder that we now live in a country where we can all be at risk at any time and place. At nearly the same time, 2,159 miles to the west, a mob was breaking into stores and looting them. The open vandalism, theft, and …

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