From Hope and Change to Sedition and Treason

From Hope and Change to Sedition and Treason

01 May 20 (THIRTY-FOURTH article in a series)

From Hope and Change to Sedition and Treason I hope you see it fit to read through to the end because this is perhaps the most important article I’ve ever written to-date. It’s been an incredible 48 hours and that is in no way overstated. Succinctly, the QAnon drops today in combination with an incredible podcast from Bards of War essentially validated the entirety of both our position(s) on COVID-19 as a false flag political construct as well as our entire body of work here at Political Moonshine. That position specifically being the entanglement of impeachment with COVID-19 as a false flag political construct whereby the former provided cover to insert the latter as driven and propelled by manipulated and fraudulent data. That work began in December with articles hitting early February. This represents the 34th.

What made the past 48 hours so tremendous can be based in two primary sources. First is our secondary source – QAnon – we’ll embed the brief analysis (the deductions from the post are pretty obvious and need little elaboration) and commentary within our discussion of our primary source, which is an outstanding recapitulation of our work at Political Moonshine; and not only germane to just COVID-19, but on the website altogether.

I’d like to pause and give a personal and special thank you to Scott Kittleson at Bards of War and if any readers have a connection with him, I’ll tip my hat to you now if you don’t mind passing this article along to him. Let’s get right into it and I’m leaving the Bards of War video – A Letter from Flynn – for you at the bottom. If we were in one of my old US History classes, it would be required viewing for myriad important reasons.

The Mason Jar
</> QAnon posts for 01 May 20, 4014, 4040, 4041
</> Bards of War podcast: A Letter From Flynn
</> Expands on complete confirmation and validation of COVID-19/impeachment as a false flag political construct

With this series of articles now eclipsing thirty, I have to leave it to new readers to catch-up mostly on their own. The subject matter here is just too deep, entangled and encompassing to recapitulate it with each new article.

If you are new please consider seeing HOUSEKEEPING ITEMS at the bottom: hypothesis, team update, disclaimers, graphics and timeline.

*The graphics are very helpful in consuming large quantities of information succinctly.

Our exercise today is simple. Examining the two identified sources as overlaying our long held positions and all of the requisite working parts therein. What follows is a sequence of notations from the Bards of War podcast.

QAnon: 4040, 4041 & 4014

To begin and for reference, here are the primary QAnon posts which have me confident about our work and positions.

Those posts prompted this.

And this is our secondary source, but no less important than the primary. Again, the deductions here are fairly straight forward relative to what follows.

Bards of War – A Letter from Flynn

Kittleson opens with confirmation on the basic premise of the plan to defeat the US tactically by means of infiltration v. invasion and this aligns precisely with our position that President Obama turned his own foreign counterinsurgency doctrine on the US.

Confirmation is also gained for a of long-standing and critical position that has been included in many articles and it asserts that the broader timeline of criminality and corruption is a much longer one likely going back to early in Obama’s first term. This comports with our position above and as it does with a recent item demonstrating the number of US military personal that Obama dispatched between roughly 2009-2013. It’s also reflective of our position that the effort against President Trump is multi-vectored: vacuum up and seal away all of the evidence with investigations, remove the president, self-preservation, institutional preservation and ultimately the overthrow and demise of the US in a broader global scheme. Here’s the item referenced above courtesy of the all-seeing Entheos and his time machine:


UNCOVERED: Obama Had Deep State Holdovers Go Through Intel Reports Scrubbing All Mentions Of Christian Genocide 

‘Obama holdovers’ in D.C. scrubbing ‘ISIS genocide against Christians’ – WND

The Obama administration repeatedly fudged on the issue of Islam. Barack Obama himself said Muslims were a key to the founding of the nation and after all, the U.S. wasn’t a Christian nation. Muslim…



USS Name

1) person who deserts & betrays an organization or country

2) having treacherously changed allegiance

Trump fires a coup plotter & MSM goes bananas

Obama purges 290+ (silence) 

1,907 people are talking about this

Kittleson then elaborates on the strategy whereby the US was staged to be dismantled from within (infiltration v. invasion) and again he is precisely on-point with two critical aspects; one being the relevance of the most significant element in all of this – FEDERALISM. Federalism cuts both ways because it’s how the President is exposing his enemies at the same time it’s the lever they’re pulling to attack him. The study of it is historically fascinating and books will be written about it.

Secondly, Kittleson braces our position that Obama used existing national emergency laws (Stafford Act for one) to trigger the usurpation of presidential emergency powers. It resulted in Deep State assets Fauci and Birx serving as the placed infiltrators. Kittleson did so by expanding on how Obama’s approach to Federalism, as supported by our theory of Obama targeting the US with his foreign insurgency doctrine, and it demonstrates how every institution at every level – federal, state and local – was infiltrated: political, legal, educational, corporate and religious.

Kittleson reinforces his positions and ours with astute commentary describing Americans falling victim to a rigged voting system, a fraudulent MSM and a (programmed) false worship of freedom based upon material wealth. We agree. Those are sage observations.

Kittleson offers confirmation of another longstanding position germane to our established timeline establishing that everything is calibrated to the 2020 election cycle as impacted by the functional mechanics of the DOJ and the degrees of complexity, entanglement, depth and vastness of this global scheme; all of which requires fundamentally different and special levels of care and attention. In other words, cast the net far and deep; give it a long soak; and then yank in the haul at precisely the right time. That time is not right now and Kittleson agrees. It serves us well to remember that the wheels of justice grind slowly but they grind to pulverize.

We now begin to move into the detailed aspects and it all begins with Flynn’s exoneration. This is clearly a signal that the beginning of the real traction is now upon us. Kittleson agrees with us that many don’t understand the significance of Flynn’s exoneration germane to tangible traction. Flynn is the first step, we are currently taking it and in his letter he puts the most important card on the table when he said in such apropos fashion, “America…once again, needs to be pulled up by its bootstraps.” Flynn was hearkening back to George Washington.

Kittleson hammers home on 8 years of ‘RENEGADE’ destruction whereby Obama, Clinton and the whole lot sold-out America. Again, it aligns precisely with our insurgency doctrine assertions as Kittleson appropriately characterizes those 8 years as the “FINAL PHASES OF THE DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA.”

The destruction included industry being choked-out by Obama’s taxation and climate/environmentalism policies. Obama permitted foreign powers to wage propaganda wars stateside at the same time he encouraged the purchase and manipulation of the MSM from the network level down to the story and the individual reporter. It resulted in the MSM waging an unprecedented and weaponized propaganda war against the American people.

Kittleson elaborates further on Obama’s devastation as he refused to grant public lands to US corporate interests at the same time he gave eminent domain rights to China. Critically, this gives China the right to purchase any federally owned land for its own purposes and it coincided with Obama encouraging the Chinese to purchase American companies and corporations. This resulted in transfers of enormous wealth and industrial base to China in exchange for Hillary Clinton ascending to the office of the presidency for the following 8 years. In my mind, that brings us back to the issue of her hidden server and this ties directly back into the Q#4014. Here are my concerns.


What are the chances Hillary Clinton’s private server contains data pertaining to the following:

-National Lab in Wuhan
-Charles Lieber
-Chinese access@EntheosShines 


As we consider the implications of COVID-19 in the broader context, Kittleson reminds us that while Obama’s 8 years were the final phase, Clinton’s brokered 8 years were to be the “mop-up phase” for a Deep State/Chinese conglomerate that was already well in control.

It’s critical to give credence to Kittleson’s when he reminds us that the plan was to collapse the dollar and shift Deep State/Shadow Government operations to China with aims on elevating the yuan to the dominant currency. Obama’s treason further resulted in the US military being compromised since his cartel was giving away sensitive information and secrets at the same time US materials were being compromised.

Being set-up for a planned hot war, Kittleson demonstrates how the US would have been at China’s full mercy as predicated by the execution of a precise plan based on foreknowledge and internal control. China internally controlled significant vectors within the US military and national defense structure and mostly due to back doors being installed and hidden in all electronics. China had literal access to our communications, avionics and satellites. All of this had been planned and executed over many years: culmination with 8 years of Obama followed by Clinton’s 8 serving as the mop-up operation.

Although it is undetermined, it is thought that a limited war would have played-out on US soil in deep Red states. It would have been a war fought by assets owned and controlled by the DSSG but blamed on Russia.

It’s at this point that Kittleson delivers the lion’s share of confirmation and validation to our entire body of work and confirming our position on the premeditated and pre-planned coronavirus outbreak. He also reconfirms our long held position that the broader timeline was actually much longer.

Relative to that and as best I can tell, I’ve been the only one who can provide a logical, cogent and pragmatic explanation for the irregularity of Nancy Pelosi’s handling of her fraudulent impeachment whereby she rushed to pass it before Christmas holding the full House vote on 18 Dec; only to slam on the brakes and refuse to transmit the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate for over a month. No one else can explain her actions. That’s because there’s only one explanation and you just read it.

The Moonshine to understand here is how Trump’s election impacted the preexisting COVID-19 timeline for insertion (the front-end pandemic scenario was inserted on 13 Jan 17 during compulsory presidential transition meetings). This impact caused the timeline to become accelerated, expedited; and provides the best explanation for Pelosi’s inexplicable impeachment management. They were effectively trying to converge and then manage multiple timelines. I think this also lends credibility to the notion explaining how intelligence was able to be on top-of the Lieber/Harvard/Chinese nationals/bioweapons/coronavirus/smuggling matters, which date back to 2018 and spill into late 2019, as I’ve reported on at length. The overlap of an ancillary intelligence report that attached and marked FISA makes all of that the more interesting.

So, with impeachment serving as the cover scheme for COVID-19, it had to be managed, adjusted and calibrated to the readiness of it’s eventual release, giving way to considering how the convergence of the biongenieering timeline impacted the political one and likely cause problems. It’s reasonable to regard that as significant and it may have compromised their cover and interfered with their operations..

As we near the end, Kittleson circles back to offer confirmation on our exact position in our original assertion: the virus is real, the pandemic is fraudulent and it’s being driven by erroneous and falsified data. As I say, control what you can control and for those out of power, you must find a way to usurp those power levers and that’s precisely what Obama’s cartel did.

Kittleson continues asserting that the coronavirus false flag political construct functions not only to overthrow the US government, but to expedite a global vaccination scheme engineered by Bill Gates whereby the endgame is to vaccinate all 7 billion people on the planet. I’ve already already included that video in a previous article. Gates proposes to this with the vaccine being coupled to an RFID nano microchip that will embed into one’s RNA permanently (can’t be removed) and thus serve to facilitate global tracking via the new 5G network (now you know why 5G towers are being torn down.) Not surprisingly, Kittleson also validates our positions on the WHO’s coordination, which is funded and controlled by Gates and Communist China, which is in league with the Deep State, which is partnered with Huawei for the technology. That conglomerate would then have the capacity to control, monitor and track the entire world’s population through an AI system in China and designed, sold and installed by Google.

Kittleson then accurately notes that coronavirus is exposing the depth of global corruption whereby the WHO weaponized our medical system and modern medicine against us. This occurred with big Pharma and Communist China being in alignment and the result is that it’s breaking the Deep State gridlock and that has a hold on us.

Federalism Cuts Both Ways and the Clintons Must Be Cut Down

Lastly, Kittleson validates our position that the most significant aspect in all of this is Federalism. It allows the federal branch to oversee state-run responses and it’s smoking-out complicit governors because the fraudulent data they cite doesn’t comport with the disproportionate response they hand down and Americans are seeing it. All of it then circles back to Pompeo’s recent speech whereby he notified Congress and read aloud names relative to China’s position on US lawmakers being evaluated according to their disposition toward China. In retrospect to Pompeo’s recent announcement, it likely served as an implicit warning to take heed of his notice that significant traction is coming for many.

Returning to QAnon, our next avenues of exploration will draw closer scrutiny to the connections and entanglements of the Clintons to COVID-19 and impeachment. It will bear fruit.

To end, please enjoy these sage comments from Mr. Kittleson.




“There is no atheist that leaves a foxhole.”

The Bards of War podcast, A Letter From Flynn:


Contents: Hypothesis, Team Update, Disclaimer, QAnon disclaimer, Timeline, Graphics

*Please find related graphics and images and the timeline at the bottom.

*If you are brand new, there are two recommendations as to where to begin catching-up and they are posted at the very bottom – one shorter than the other.

Hypothesis (developed over time with emerging research):
Our hypothesis asserts that this political construct was inserted into President Trump’s administration during compulsory Obama/Trump transition meetings on 13 Jan 17. That’s the same day the MSM decided to release the cooked-up Flynn/Russia story preemptively and with Flynn taking part in those meetings. Unsurprisingly, the immediate talking points from Obama administration officials and others in-the-know were about the disrupted, off-kilter, reluctant and awkward nature of the meeting. How convenient for them to build their future MSM talking points into the meeting by designing and timing those dynamics. Since the insertion point, a mountain of correlated and interconnected evidence further propels this hypothesis as represented in this growing catalog of article.

28 Mar 20 Update/Team: What used to be a looser conversational group has grown and, over the course of this pandemic, has become a small team of folks working together most of the day every day. Much of what I’m writing recently is a product of that collective work and/or my own opinion as influenced by that group. This team receives quite a bit of valuable information from the folks who read our articles and accordingly, we (I) give a special heartfelt hat tip to @Shazlandia, whom keeps me on my toes at all times; often inconveniencing herself to do it.

Disclaimer – This has now grown into a sizable series of articles on the COVID-19 coronavirus. Understand that all of this began simply with some curiosity about whom may stand to gain or benefit with the discovery of a promising treatment identified as Remesdivir – no more and no less; it’s that simple.

QAnon Disclaimer: I give much time to QAnon and for this simple reason – no matter if you believe QAnon to be absolutely real or absolutely fake, QAnon has consistently remained in front of the news cycle; with great accuracy, over time and while the MSM and other “news” outlets have consistently gotten it wrong for that same time. Yes, you have to dig to get the information but the doormats are conveniently placed in front of you if you care to enter. I care to enter.

A Word on Intent: There was never an intent to write a single article; much less a series of them. The rabbit hole into which I placed myself diverged many times over transitioning into a mess of global entanglements that converted this work from an exploratory exercise to one hunting for evidence to scaffold an hypothesis. The content, therefore, is affected and takes a different tone and direction. For deeper understanding, here is the CATALOG of all articles in this series.

Where to Start Catching-up: I have two shortcuts for new readers looking to catch-up and avoid reading from article one. The ninth article – IS COVID-19 A GLOBAL 9/11? EVIDENCE CAN BE ARRANGED TO SUGGEST A FALSE FLAG CONSTRUCT AND HERE’S HOW – served as a recapitulation as of 14 Mar 20. Alternatively, you could take a bigger shortcut and pick-up with CAUSE OF DEATH FOR SALE posted 12 Apr 20.







FIGURE 1: Underlying premise/manipulating infection data to drive false narrative
FIGURE 2: Elaboration on underlying premise in Fig. 1
FIGURE 3: Excerpts from relevant headlines in support of hypothesis and underlying premise
FIGURE 4: Analysis of article authored by Bill Gates on 28 Feb 20
FIGURE 5: “Fraud” begins to emerge in the subtext of the MSM relative to COVID-19
FIGURE 6: Graphic outlining suspicious deaths related to COVID-19
FIGURE 7: Curious word choice and messaging one month before presidential transition meetings on 13 Jan 17
FIGURE 8: Public Health Advisor (Quarantine Program) position posted with open dates of 15 Nov 19 – 05 May 20 (Note: 1st US: 20 Jan 20, initial/original Wuhan outbreak: 27 Dec 19 [revised back to 17 Nov 19], FBI knowledge of outbreak: October 2019)
FIGURE 9: Early NYC fatalities reflecting underlying conditions component
FIGURE 10: ‘Event 201’ information
FIGURE 11: Historically anomalous drop-off in pneumonia deaths 2019-2020
FIGURE 12: $171 million increase in funding form US to WHO on the established 2016-2017 timeline
FIGURE 13: Bill Gates purchased the CDC like he did the WHO – with funding
FIGURE 14: Image grab of the 13 Nov 19 FBI Tactical Intelligence Report/Bio-weapons & WMDD
FIGURE 15: Historic employment number eviscerated
FIGURE 16: Mortality and infection rates dependent upon age and underlying conditions
FIGURE 17: NYT’s reporting representative of false narrative propagating a fear message; data is mitigated exponentially by updated statistics and numbers
FIGURE 18: Dr. Stephen Smith’s data regarding underlying conditions
FIGURE 19: COVID-19 image presented by QAnon
FIGURE 20: NVSS memo shaping nationwide “liberal approach” (Birx) to diagnosis and cause of death declarations


Figures 21-26: Leaked slides from the pandemic scenario insertion on 13 Jan 17 during compulsory Obama/Trump transition meetings:

FIGURE 21: Pandemic Response Scenario
FIGURE 22: Pandemic Response Scenario
FIGURE 23: Pandemic Response Scenario
FIGURE 24: Pandemic Response Scenario
FIGURE 25: Pandemic Response Scenario
FIGURE 26: Pandemic Response Scenario
FIGURE 27: Pandemic Response Scenario
FIGURE 28: “This is Bill Gates”
FIGURE 29: Image Catherine Herridge/Techno Fog Steele dossier FBI sub-source verified dossier as disinformation 12 Jan 17 (SOURCE)
FIGURE 30: Just some baseless self-promotion to bolster the spirit…..

From Hope and Change to Sedition and Treason TIMELINE

2019-2020 TIMELINE
*2017/2018 Insertions

18 Mar: Obama enacted Executive Order/Public Law 113-146 changing Kennedy-era law so as to augment the process and include pandemic preparedness into transitional meetings.

2017: Obama makes an apparent exception to existing policy by allowing Fauci to fund at $3.7m coronavirus research at the Wuhan lab expected of leaking the virus (SOURCE.)
Jan. ’17: Obama increases funding by $171m to the WHO as funded and controlled by Bill Gates and China (soured in housekeeping.)
Jan ’17: Obama sought funding cuts at the CDC, which would effectively interfere with pandemic preparedness and response (SOURCE): fiscal year 2015, $414 million cut year-over-year; fiscal year 2017 budget, looked to eliminate $251 million in CDC funding.
Jan ’17: The period of time Christopher Steele states that he deleted all of his Russian dossier files and contents
10 Jan: Buzzfeed publishes fraudulent Steel dossier tying back to John Brennan and his decision to launder the phone intelligence report by including it in the President’s Daily Brief, thus giving the suspected fraudulent dossier false instant credibility in the MSM.
11 Jan: Dr. Fauci publicly stated, “During a forum on pandemic preparedness at Georgetown University, Fauci said the Trump administration will not only be challenged by ongoing global health threats such as influenza and HIV, but also a surprise disease outbreak.” (SOURCE)
12 Jan: The Carter Page FISA warrant was set to expire and required renewal
12 Jan: FBI verified via its sub-source that Steele dossier was fraudulent and was comprised of Russian disinformation (SOURCE), thus eliminating their primary predication for initial impeachment and any warrants to which the dossier may have been attached.
13 Jan: Earlier: MSM coordinated the leak of fraudulent Flynn/Russia so as to preempt the presidential transition meetings in which Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn was a participant
13 Jan: Later: Insertion point for the false flag viral pandemic political construct as occurring during compulsory and legally augmented Obama/Trump presidential transition meetings; thrust Fauci, Birx & WHO into roles.

26 May: Chinese national with bio-materials and a centrifuge at airport in Detroit (DTW)
28 Nov: U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents at Detroit Metro Airport (DTW) stopped a Chinese biologist with three vials labeled “Antibodies” in his luggage

11 Sep: Chinese national with 8 vials at airport in Detroit (DTW)
13 Nov: DOJ/FBI Tactical Intelligence Report> China<>WMDD<>US (*ancillary intelligence report marked ‘FISA’)
15 Nov: Opening of ‘Public Health Advisor/Quarantine Program’ position post (closes 15 May 20)
17 Nov: Revised (backwards) 1st COVID-19 case: Wuhan, China
05 Dec: Pelosi authorizes drafting of Articles of Impeachment
09 Dec: 21 vials stolen> Boston/Logan Intl. bio-hazard
10 Dec: Boston/Logan Intl. bio-hazard/China arrest, Nadler> AOIs
13 Dec: Nadler’s Judiciary Committee votes to impeach
18 Dec: Full House vote to impeach Trump
27 Dec: Initial (original) 1st COVID-19 case: Wuhan, China> 17 Nov

15 Jan: House: AOIs>Senate, impeachment managers announced, engrossment ceremony, Trump/Xi sign Phase 1 trade deal
16 Jan: Senate formally receives AOIs
20 Jan: 1st COVID-19 case: US, Senate receives AOIs
21 Jan: Senate votes on trial rules, FAUCI> COVID NOT MAJOR THREAT
22 Jan: Senate trial> prosecution opening arguments
23 Jan: Senate trial> prosecution opening arguments
24 Jan: Senate trial> pros. ends opening arg., Loeffler begins dumping stock
25 Jan: Senate trial> defense opening arguments
26 Jan: Senate trial> defense opening arguments
27 Jan: Senate trial> defense opening arguments
28 Jan: Senate trial> defense ends opening arguments
31 Jan: Bolton witness debate, Feinstein begins dumping stock, TRUMP RESTRICTS CHINA AIR TRAVEL
05 Feb: Senate acquits Trump


13 Feb: Burr dumps stock
11 Mar: Pandemic/emergency declaration, (DONE IN 30) > to 12 Apr.
12 Mar: Trump orders and takes-out Iranian commander
15 Mar: Saudi Arabia> mass arrests (SA –> US –> Asia –> EU), Fed rate cut, FAUCI> ABC> 21 million coronavirus hospitalizations, up to 1.7 million dead
19 Mar: Lock-downs begin
24 Mar: DHS essential personnel moved to NORAD
25 Mar: HHS OIG announces it will investigate Trump over COVID-19
27 Mar: National Guard called-up, Trump nationalizes GM, stimulus passed
28 Mar: Projected beginning date for virus peak
29 Mar: FAUCI> REVISION> 100s of 1000s dead, millions infected, Pelosi/attack>DJT
30 Mar: Projected that banks would close> did not happen
31 Mar: Trump tweets “30 Days to Slow the Spread” > 4/30 > 5/1
01 Apr: Schiff> 9/11 style COVID-19 commission, Military> cartels
02 Apr: Pelosi> oversight investigation> Trump ongoing pandemic response, FAUCI> CALLS FOR NATIONWIDE LOCK-DOWN
03 Apr: Projected that markets would close through 13 Apr
10 Apr: Projected worst day 1
11 Apr: Projected worst day 2
12 Apr: Easter Sunday – POTUS’ initial objective end date
13 Apr: INITIAL PROJECTED END-DATE (now revised farther ahead)
30 Apr: Extended ended date for federal guidelines – 30 to slow/done in 30
01 May: Projected end date for virus peak
23 May: Lock-downs begin to relax
06 Jun: Lock-downs end
11 Jun: Identified date / significance unknown

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