From a Reader: ‘One Thanksgiving at a Time’

April 1989: I was 48 years old. On the surface, I was doing quite well. But underneath the façade of my many successful family, professional, and community accomplishments was a life in turmoil. I was so empty. No matter what I had accomplished, I was always on to the next project. I suffered from the addiction of “more.” Maybe therapy would help. I heard about this new hotshot Ph.D. in town. Maybe he could somehow explain my behavior. I felt so alone, so lost. There really was “a hole in my soul.” Nothing ever seemed to satisfy me. Nothing was ever enough. Little did I know that his suggestions were going to change my life forever. Wait till you hear this one. He suggested—no, he insisted—that I try leading a sober, moral, spiritual, God-centered life. Where in the world did that come from? It still amazes me, all these years …

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