Fox’s Melugin: “This messaging is not working”

The number of illegal aliens crossing the southern border in areas like Eagle Pass, Texas is on the rise again. One thing is clear – the messaging about the southern border being closed, as posted on social media on Saturday afternoon, is not working. It’s a farce.


The post declaring that the border is not open to illegal migration came from the CBP on Saturday afternoon. I imagine that every Border Patrol agent working on the southern border who saw that post on X (formerly Twitter) rolled their eyes and shook their head.

The message is in Spanish with English subtitles.

That is some Grade-A gaslighting, y’all. The reason that illegal migrants are pouring across the southern border at record levels again after the alleged new and effective DHS policies went into effect is that the illegals know it’s all malarkey. Single men are again coming in large numbers, and currently, a large number of them are coming from Africa. The number of family units is again increasing, too. The reason for that is that migrants know that if adults have children with them, they will be allowed to stay in the United States while their asylum claim is processed. At this point, the process takes years to complete, thanks to the backlog produced by the border crisis.

Was this post from CBP a response to one posted by Fox reporter Bill Melugin earlier Saturday? Saturday morning Melugin posted, “Our team in Eagle Pass witnessed migrant families irresponsibly having their children crawl underneath Texas razor wire as they crossed the river illegally during a thunderstorm. TX DPS troopers later responded and cut the wire for the safety of the children as more arrived.”


Talk about two competing messages. Note that Melugin pointed out that Texas DPS troopers cut the wire so the children being pushed through the wire barrier wouldn’t be hurt. What is the point of the razor wire if it is being cut as soon as someone tries to crawl under it? This is one visual example of why the migrants continue to come. They see this and hear about DPS just cutting the razor wire for those crawling under it, so why not? Why would razor wire deter them if there is a trooper on the other side with wire cutters at the ready?

If there are consequences for illegal immigration, as Biden promised when Title 42 expired, migrants do not fear them. The word is out that nothing has really changed.


A Supervisor in San Diego County, California posted about illegal aliens being released because of overcrowding. This is an interesting development because southern California has been relatively quiet as the numbers in Texas and Arizona ramp back up. There is a border wall at the San Diego border, which makes a big difference.

Officials in El Paso, Texas are warning that the city may soon run out of shelter space for illegal aliens because of the increase in those coming across the border. Mayor Lesser said that El Paso is receiving federal funding to prepare for the onset.

The number of migrants traveling into El Paso is growing, and El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser says it was this time of year in 2022 was when the numbers went up.

Leeser says the city has 400 rooms allocated for these situations. However he says: “But at some point, we will run out of capacity, and we’ll have to activate that emergency declaration. It is in place, but we are not using it at this point.”

Leeser says the federal government has provided funding for the preparations, stating that, “We have hired a hundred city employees that work for whether the zoo or for different areas within the City, and they’re part of our budget and once they’re needed, we take them out of our budget and put them into shelters…”


The Biden administration knows the border is porous, it is not secured, and the number of illegal aliens is growing, not shrinking. They just don’t care. It is all intentional.

What do you think?

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