Former West Point Graduates Write Letter Directed at Military Leaders Who Choose to Stand with President Trump and the American People

A bunch of former West Point graduates wrote a letter rebuking the politicization of the military, targeting movements from military leadership at a attack of President Trump.

As was previously reported, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper broke with his superior, President Trump stating he opposes with the US Military against the violent mobs from cities across the United States.

Via WGN — Esper told colleagues the Insurrection Act, which would allow Trump to utilize active-duty military for law enforcement in containing road protests, should be invoked from the United States”simply in the most urgent and dire of situations.” He declared,”We aren’t in one of those situations now.”

Within the weekend, Secretary Esper arranged the National Guard troops sent to Washington DC to NOT take any firearms or ammunition.

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Esper ordered all active-duty troops .
Without even consulting with the White House, this arrangement was allegedly made by esper.
Secretary Esper is putting National Guardsmen at risk.
Apparently Esper’s activities were not sufficient for the graduates in West Point.

A group of hundreds of West Point scholars published a letter Thursday rebuking the politicization of the military.
The letter comes two days ahead of President Trump is scheduled to give an address during a commencement and commissioning ceremony on campus, for which 1,000 cadets have been remembered from sheltering-in-place during the pandemic that is coronavirus at home.
“By accepting your commission, you incur a moral goal and responsibility to provide for the frequent defense. In doing so you enable the state to fulfill the entire array of its own aspirations,” the worried alumni wrote in the letter, published by Moderate. “Now , our Constitutional aspirations remain unfulfilled.”

The Military Times went further to state:

Regrettably, the government has threatened to use the Army where you serve as a weapon against fellow Americans participating in such valid protests,” the alumni wrote. “Worse, military leaders, who took the identical oath you choose now, have participated in politically charged events.”

The list of alumni who have signed this letter can be seen here.
These former cadets have problems with military direction shielding Americans from socialist rioters but have zero issue with this Secretary of Defense going in denying the Washington DC area defense and Americans as rioters destroyed the city and targeting the White House?
That is a moment for West Point.  This letter is very disturbing.

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