Former US Attorney Joe DiGenova on Last Week’s Atlantic Hit Piece: “My Guess is that Two of the Anonymous Sources are Eric Ciaramella and Colonel Alexander Vindman of Impeachment Fame”

Even the humorless Laurel and Hardy of the Deep State are at it again. 

Former US Attorney Joe DiGenova was on Mornings at the Restaurant on Monday, Labor Day and he shared this at the:45 second indicate on last week’s Atlantic hit section suggesting the President doesn’t like the US army:

Actually the story isn’t true and you’ll be able to tell for several reasons.  First, the writer is currently by Jeffrey Goldberg, the editor of the Atlantic, a fallen apart magazine that’s currently published only on the internet.  Four anonymous resources, so my first guess is both of those anonymous sources include all Eric Ciaramella along with Colonel Alexander Vindman of impeachment fame.  Now does anyone think if  this narrative were really true it would emerge sooner than it’s?

Afterwards at the 6:30 mark DiGenova says:

It’s quite evident that this can be a coordinated attack that the story was told about, it was passed about Democrat operatives to make the campaign commercials that were run immediately on its publication.  Therefore that the notion that this can be some sort of new bit of journalism is quite ludicrous.

Vince then requested DiGenova about Ciaramella and Vindman, both culprits in the composed Democrat Ukraine impeachment, saying we know they didn’t enjoy President Trump’s international policy.  DiGenova agreed and maintained that this was the essential motivation for all these war mongers who do not enjoy President Trump’s anti-war policies.
Ciaramella was imagined being the the whistleblower who established the fictitious story that President Trump required the Ukraine President find more evidence of Biden wrongdoing from the Ukraine.  Biden had previously bragged about obtaining a Ukrainian prosecutor fired that was looking to the firm at which Biden’s child was a Board member earning an estimated $80,000 a month.  Ciaramella was suspected of working for the CIA while he was in the White House and therefore spying on President Trump.
Vindman is no better.  He’s suspected of being the individual who supplied the fictitious story to Ciaramella to ensure the illegal and unconstitutional impeachment proceedings could take place.
Ciaramella and Vindman are equally like interested in their efforts to overthrow the Trump Presidency but different in prestige.  Vindman is fat and barrel chested while Ciaramella is tiny and skinny.  Together they seem a Good Deal like Laurel and Hardy minus the humor. 

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