Football Mom Snaps Photo of Senior Player Helping Injured Opponent on Field—and It Goes Viral

An Iowa high-school football player was caught on camera helping an injured player on the opposing side—and his kind act has gone viral. During a Friday night game in early September, after a play ended, Charles City Comets wide receiver Mario Hoefer witnessed one of his opponents go down. Carter Steinlage of the New Hampton Chickasaws was on the ground clutching his leg in pain. “[Carter] was closer to our side of the field, which was a way from his support system,” mom Wendy Hegtvedt Luft, whose son plays with Mario, told The Epoch Times. “Mario looked back, saw the boy down, and ran back over to help him. He grabbed the boy’s leg and started stretching him out. “For a short moment,” she added, “they were the only two out there on the field … Two kids; one needing help, and the other reaching out.” Wendy squared her camera on …

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