Florida Board of Education Votes to Ban Critical Race Theory in Public Schools

Florida’s state school board on Thursday voted to ban the teaching of critical race theory in public schools amid a push from Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis to eliminate the ideology from its classrooms. During a meeting before the State Board of Education’s vote, some opponents of critical race theory said it is Marxist and should be blocked. “We all know it’s a Marxist tactic to divide our country by class and by race,” said Bennett Brown, a Duval County resident and board member of the Florida Family Policy Council. Brown said that teachers should instead teach “the truth and that the United States of America is a great and wonderful land with freedom for all.” “Telling my child that they are in a permanent oppressed status is racist,” critical race theory critic Quisha King of Moms for Liberty in Jacksonville said during the meeting. Opponents of the Board’s decision said during …

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