FLASHBACK: Somehow Corrupt FBI Director Jim Comey Knew Jeff Sessions Was Going to Recuse Himself on His First Day as AG

Back in November 2019 within a private report, we uncovered evidence that revealed that on Jeff Sessions’ very first day in office he had been dedicated to devoting over the Department of Justice into the crooks at the State and recusing himself as the Attorney General of President Trump.
The Senator in Alabama Sessions was sworn in as President Trump’s Attorney General on February 9, 2017.  Sessions was a day at office before the corrupt FBI Director James Comey on Valentine’s Day set up at the Oval Office President Trump, February 14, 2017.
Crooked Comey met the President . He didn’t inform the President that he had been to find the fake made-up offense of’colluding with Russia’.  However, the President was under evaluation and Comey was that the researcher.  When Comey left his meeting which Valentine’s Day, he hurried to his notebook to record his conversation.  It was a set up along with the Head of the FBI acted as an FBI officer, something not achieved before in US history.

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Comey was spying on the President.  The President was for mad and fictitious charges of colluding with Russia under attack, and he had been oblivious to about this for months.  After being fired from President Trump, Comey and the Senate met.  Within this infamous setting before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Comey did all he could to get the President removed from office.  A few remarks today stick out although he said many inflammatory remarks throughout the hearing.  It had been among the most shocking spectacles before the Senate.
Inside his Senate’Statement for the Record’,” Comey read that the President brought up the subject of leaks of classified info, and Comey explained this was”a concern I shared and share”. Obviously his team and Comey leaked tales to the corrupt media that shared them.
Comey also stated from his notes which the President Trump told Comey that General Flynn had been”a great man who had been through a lot”. Obviously, at this time General Flynn had been spied on from the State crooks at the Obama Administration for many years. [We know that the FBI knew that General flew was spied on for more than a year and there was not any reason behind its spying.  Also knew that General Flynn had been innocent of any offenses per reports.]
Comey knew that cops set up a week General Flynn at the FBI in an ambush interview.  Comey did not give a damn about General Flynn, he set him up like he set the President.
Afterwards in the testimony in front of the Senate of Comey, Comey described taking his notes concerning the President’s remarks.  The Mueller staff and he used this as a reason.  It was another set up.
Then Comey shared something.  He explained,”We [his cohort deep State members at the FBI] concluded it made little sense to report [his discussion with the President] to Attorney General Sessions, who we anticipated would probably recuse himself from participation at Russia-related investigations.

Comey knew on AG Sessions’ third day that Sessions was planning to recuse himself from participation from the Russia-related investigations. 
It has been reported that a few weeks after, a small group got together to discuss AG Sessions recusal in the Trump — Russia investigation.

Based on this its apparent that there was understanding which Jeff Sessions was planning to recuse him. 
We reported that according to what we currently know, Sessions never should have recused himself.  Gregg Jarrett out of FOX News

I clarified this in my book”The Russia Hoax: The Illicit Plan to Clear Hillary Clinton and Frame Donald Trump.”
Actually — and this is important — that the attorney general wasn’t needed to bow out of the Russia probe.
Holdovers in the Obama Justice Department duped sessions, or failed to understand that the meaning of these regulations. That the stunt has now spawned if Sessions knew what he was doing, he would have ended the Russia investigation saving our nation millions of dollars along with the continued discord.

It had been apparent that AG Jeff Sessions wasn’t going to uphold the constitution.  He enabled crooks from FBI and the DOJ to run his DOJ by recusing himself.  He allowed the production of Mueller analysis.  He enabled DOJ personnel to leak information that was fake and classified . He did nothing regarding the crimes related to the Clinton Foundation.
We opined — AG Sessions Must Move Down in History as Modern Day Benedict Arnold or Pick — Produce Legislation Into Uranium One saw this.
Sessions resigned with the criminal and corrupt Mueller investigation in full force along with the House at the hands of those corrupt Democrats hell bent on impeaching President Trump for whatever, if not nothing.
To date there are no indictments of the Clinton Foundation and it has many unlawful pay for play relationships.  The Mueller gang runs free and many of these crooks come back from FBI and the DOJ.  Jeff Sessions let the State to operate free.  He had been responsible smashed and for most individuals being indicted with legal fees to protect themselves.

Jeff Sessions knew he recused himself.  He enabled criminals to run free.  He allowed the DOJ and FBI’s devastation.  He’s not a hero. He is much closer to your modern day Benedict Arnold.
What a complete failure Jeff Sessions was as Attorney General.  His oath required that he uphold the Constitution but this was not his intent.

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