FLASHBACK: Some Believe Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich Agreed to Protective Order Over Wiretaps to Protect Himself

The simple truth is emerging after years of this media feeding us lies on what happened in the Senate chair scandal of former Governor Rod Blagojevich.
Journalist Amy Jacobson of the Morning Response am radio show recently divulged in an interview with her co-host Dan Proft (who is a lawyer and political stricken )  told her that the protective order at U.S v Blagojevich had been an”agreed order”.
In different words. Proft told Jacobson that Blagojevich and the media have been lying when they told us that we couldn’t hear the FBI wiretap records or see the transcripts of conversations between Blago and high degree partners of presidential candidate Barrack Obama, because the judge in his case mentioned so.  When in reality, it had been Blago and his attorneys who didn’t want the people.

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Here’s What the protection order clearly says from the very first paragraph:

Upon the agreement of counsel for the government and also counsel of record for the defendant, it is hereby ordered as follows….”

Therefore the judge from the Blagojevich instance didn’t impose limitations. They were enforced by blago !
The media for their role gladly because they knew exactly what was on these tapes played along with this lie that is pathetic would expose his inner circle and corrupt Obama are. The media knew that the take down of the Illinois governor was a diversion to safeguard their option for our next president.
Barbara Hollingsworth at the Washington Examiner chronicled the media’s involvement from the Blago scandal deception:

They referred me to the protective order–entered court records about April 19, 2009–who especially uttered Blagojevich’s defense staff from disseminating the transcripts of his recorded conversations, but leaving the government free to do so.”

In the report of Hollingsworth Chicago Tribune colleagues John Chase and Jeff Coen were swift to point to the order to spell out why no one could listen to the tapes or read the transcripts of their FBI wiretaps. But not once in all of their reporting or their highly touted book on the subject of Blago did they cite the simple fact that the defense order was an agreed sequence.
These are the truth. Blago could tell us exactly what was captured on these FBI records. The protective order gave him cover to state he couldn’t.
Because Blago understood what was on these tapes didn’t establish his innocence, that’s probably. On the contrary, they proved his guilt.
But Blago might have understood those tapes established the guilt of others in Chicago that were shielded by the State that was Deep. And, he attempted to work with that fact as leverage to get out of the jam the Obama loving media orchestrated to get their guy elected and the corrupt Department Of Justice.
We now know Rod Blagojevich, Patrick Fitzgerald, and the Media are lying for ages to us.
Chicago journalist Amy Jacobson says that she plans to face her colleague about the order for all the years, together with the problem of his lying at WLS Radio, Rod Blagojevich.

Better yet, let’s hope the truth comes outthere.

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