First Lady of New York City Says Police-Free New York “Would Be Like Nirvana, a Utopia” – Says She’s Proud of Daughter After Arrest (VIDEO)

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and his wife Chirlane McCray were interviewed this week by TIME Magazine that week.
Charlane McCray stated she had been pleased with her daughter who had been detained in anti-police protests.
Police were attacked by mayor de Blasio for stripping out that the mayor’s daughter had been detained in the continuing anti-Police street protests.

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Chirlane McCray weighed-in to police sections about the nationwide move. The cop-hating First Lady of New York City described a cop-free NYC as a”nirvana” and”utopia.”
Via Hannity:

“That would be like a nirvana, a utopia that we’re nowhere close to getting to,” McCray said during a TIME100 Talks conversation.
“They could do things that would not be possible in a big city such as New York,” McCray added, referring to the dismantling Minneapolis Police Department.

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