Finnish Origami Artist Creates Incredibly Detailed Samurai Warriors From a Single Sheet of Paper

Origami is an awe-inspiring Japanese artform that uses a single square piece of paper to create everything from paper cranes to little boats that float. But one artist from Finland is taking his origami creations to the next level with incredibly intricate figurines created from just a single sheet of paper. Juho Könkkölä, from Jyväskylä, spends an astounding three months planning and folding his origami pieces, usually fantasy figures (such as the knight shown below), which are so striking, many people cannot believe he doesn’t use any cutting whatsoever. His newest piece is an intricate samurai warrior in full armor (below), headdress and all, brandishing a katana (a Japanese curved sword, worn by aristocracy). The work has garnered international attention for its incredible detail. “I got the idea for the character from my previous origami samurai warrior, which I did almost a year ago,” Juho told My Modern Net in January. …

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