Finding Kindness and Dignity on the Rat-plagued Streets of Skid Row

LOS ANGELES, Calif.—The homeless tent city known as “Skid Row” in downtown Los Angeles is where people end up when the bottom drops out of their lives.
Sometimes, it’s where they die—one final insult added to injury.
For Cuban-born Fernando Sanchez, Skid Row has been his home for two decades.
He didn’t plan it that way. Life’s uppercuts just came after losing his job in the Great Recession.
When his family gave up on him, he realized he’d lost everything except his will to live.
Fernando Sanchez shows off the contents of his tent enclosure set up on Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles on July 26, 2022. (Allan Stein/The Epoch Times)
“To be honest, I’ve been homeless for the last 15 years,” Sanchez told The Epoch Times….

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