Film Review: ‘Tapestry’

PG | 1hr 38min | | Drama, Family | 2019 As the human population increases and we see people with more monetary-based wealth, many people have become more and more entranced with money and surrounding themselves with material objects. Sometimes folks tend to surround themselves with these material possessions since they are trying to fill a void within. There are a number of well-done Christian faith-based films that cover these elements and their relation to having/not having God in their lives. When I’d first read the synopsis to 2019’s “Tapestry,” I thought it was reminiscent of another faith-based film I recently reviewed, “Journey to Hell,” directed by Timothy A. Chey. They both follow male characters whose lives are filled with money and material security but have lost their faith in God somewhere along the way. “Tapestry” follows the life of a man named Ryan (Stephen Baldwin) who lives in an …

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