Feds Will Commit Up to $1.9 Million in Funding to ‘Combat Online Terrorist’ Content

The federal government announced that it would be committing up to $1.9 million in funding to “combat online terrorist and violent extremist content,” according to an announcement by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Sept. 20.
“We need to confront the rise of hate and violent extremism,” said Trudeau in a tweet. “At the Christchurch Call Summit, I announced that Canada will fund a new tool that helps small and medium-size online platforms better identify and counter content related to terrorism and violent extremism.”
Trudeau made the announcement from New York City, where he is attending the United Nations General Assembly.
“With information so easy to access, the Government of Canada is committed to ensuring that social media and other online platforms are not used as tools to incite, publish, and promote terrorism, violence, and hatred,” read a Sept. 20 public safety department news release….

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