Federal Judges Block President Trump’s Effort to Exclude Illegal Aliens From Census Count For the Purpose of Congressional Representation

A panel of three federal judges Thursday blocked President Trump’s most recent attempt to exclude illegal aliens from the census count.
President Trump at July signed an executive order prohibiting illegal aliens out of 2020 Census count for the purpose of Congressional representation.
Crooked New York Attorney General Letitia James lead a coalition of nations, counties and cities also sued to challenge Trump’s executive memorandum.
The unanimous three-judge panel to the US District Court for the Southern District of New York stated in its 86- page view which Trump’s memorandum violates the executive department’s”constitutional duty to count the whole number of persons in each State and to relatives of the House of Representatives among the States in accordance with their respective numbers.”

“Directing the secretary to supply 2 sets of figures, one derived from the decennial census and one not, also announcing that it is the plan of the United States to utilize the latter in connection with apportionment, the Presidential Memorandum deviates from, and consequently breaks, the statutory scheme,” the ruling states.
“Second, the presidential memorandum violates the statute regulating apportionment since, so long as they live in the United States, illegal aliens qualify as’persons in’ a’country’ as Congress used those words,” U.S. District Judges Richard Wesley (George W. Bush appointee), Peter Hall (George W. Bush appointee) and Jesse Furman (Obama appointee) added.
This past year the Supreme Court blocked the Trump Administration’s move to put in a citizenship query into the 2020 census.
Chief Justice Roberts sided with liberals — shocker!
The census is taken every 10 decades and is used to allot chairs into the US House of Representatives in addition to distributing almost $1 trillion in federal funding.
That is the reason the Democrat-media apparatus is fighting to include illegal aliens in the census count.

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