Federal Agents Charge Four Democrat Toledo City Council Members in Bribery Investigation

Representatives on Tuesday detained four members of the Toledo City Council after a bribery analysis.
This makes a total of six Democrat officers to be charged within the last week.
Two Democrat Patterson councilmen were charged with voter fraud that a couple days ago.
WTVG reported (emphasis our very own ):

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Five members of the Toledo City Council have been accused of accepting bribes while in office, according to court documents obtained by 13abc on Tuesday.
At least three of these council members have been placed into federal custody. Crews have been on the scene as council members Yvonne Harper and Larry Sykes were placed into custody. Federal files implicate council members Gary Johnson and Tyrone Riley.
From the affidavit filed council members, together with the complaint Harper, Riley, and also Jonson are also named as subjects.
The files show an unnamed source who owns several commercial properties gas stations and convenience stores in Toledo, pointed the finger at councilman Tyrone Riley.
The alleged pay for votes scheme then unraveled and according to the feds included Larry Sykes, Yvonne Harper, along with Gary Johnson.
The court documents detail how the council members each allegedly accepted obligations for’ yes’ votes on orders to cafes in the variety of five hundred to five million dollars.
If convicted that the council members could face 10 years for bribery and 20 years for extortion together with dollars in fines.


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