FBI Received Information from Second Informant Against Biden, then Shut Him Down

In sworn testimony before Congress, a retired FBI supervisor revealed that the bureau received information against Joe Biden from a second informant, but was asked to shut down the source just before the 2020 election.

According to Just The News, retired Special Agent Timothy Thibault, who was previously the second highest-ranking supervisor in the Washington field office, testified before the House Judiciary Committee, in a transcribed interview, that he was ordered by the lead agent in the tax case against Hunter Biden to shut down the confidential human source (CHS) in October of 2020.

“It shocked me a bit because I’m, like, the purpose of – a confidential informant is to support a case,” Thibault said to House investigators. Although Thibault did not identify the source, conservative author Peter Schweizer said on Sunday that he believes himself to be the source, after a New York Times report which stated that the FBI had been given information about Hunter Biden by a “right-wing author.”

“There are no ‘right wing facts’ or ‘left wing facts.’ There are only facts,” Schweizer said, describing how he was approached by the FBI and gave them information on possible crimes committed by the Bidens. “And of course, they happily accepted the unsubstantiated and unsourced dossier from Hillary Clinton’s lawyer without reservation.”

Thibault retired after it was revealed that he had made several anti-Trump posts on social media while still serving as an agent. Since then, his testimony has exposed several examples of political bias in the FBI, often in favor of Joe Biden and Democrats while disproportionately targeting President Trump and Republicans.

Earlier this year, similar testimony from two IRS whistleblowers revealed that they, along with the FBI, were blocked from conducting an interview with Hunter Biden when the Secret Service warned the Biden transition team about the planned interview.

Thibault’s testimony marks the second case of a confidential informant providing details on alleged crimes committed by the Biden family, after an FD-1023 form was disclosed earlier this year which alleged that both Joe and Hunter Biden each received bribes of $5 million from Ukrainian oligarchs. The bribes were alleged to be directly connected to then-Vice President Biden’s successful effort to force then-President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko to fire the Prosecutor General, Viktor Shokin, who had been investigating the Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings, where Hunter Biden served on the board.

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