Father and Son Who Nearly Collide With Runaway Boat Save Its Captain From Ocean

For a father-son duo from Virginia, a Mahi fishing trip took a turn when an unmanned boat almost collided with their vessel. Using their combined expertise, they managed not only to secure the boat but to find and rescue its captain who had fallen overboard. Jack Sherman and his father, Andrew, went offshore fishing from their vacation home in Topsail Beach, North Carolina, on July 5. They were 37 miles off the coast of Wrightsville Beach when another boat emerged. “We’re stationary, and we have the boat come directly at us, which is pretty insane,” Jack, 21, told The Epoch Times in a telephone interview. “We didn’t really notice until the last second.” Andrew instructed his son to help move their boat out of the way. “It passed super close right behind us,” Jack recalled. After calling out, “Hello?” and hearing no response, they decided to investigate, first securing the …

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