Fake Hate Map When the Demand for Hate Crimes Outweighs the Supply…

Fake Hate Map

When the Demand for Hate Crimes Outweighs the Supply…

Fake Hate Stories

  1. African-American woman carved the words “white pride” into the sidewalk in front of a black-owned fitness center
  2. Mural of Black Civil Rights Icon was Defaced with Racist Language by an African-American Man During Black History Month
  3. Scare over anti-Semitic flyers in DeKalb was a “historical document” someone had been using to study the history of anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial.
  4. Karol Eller, pro-Bolsonaro youtuber, faked a homophobic attack in Rio de Janeiro Brazil
  5. 26 year old Michigan Jewish synogogue cantorial soloist allegedly stabbed himself to get out of his contract.
  6. Blind Transgender woman who claimed she was beaten on a bus and then pepper-sprayed teens on that bus was ‘the aggressor,’ police say
  7. Helsinki Finland: Somali Social Democrat Politician Faked ‘Racist’ Taxi Story
  8. Made Up False Accusation that 3 Boys Pin Down Black 12 Year Old Classmate, Cut Her Dreadlocks at Virginia School
  9. African-American Oakland resident has been arrested for vandalizing a neighborhood with racist graffiti and destruction of property in an attack that was made to appear as if it was a hate crime
  10. Winnipeg police arrest owner of the BerMax Caffé and Bistro, for falsely claiming she was assaulted by an intruder and her restaurant robbed and vandalized with swastikas and anti-Semitic graffiti
  11. Investigators believe that the initial report of a robbery was staged by 3 owners of a café. Further, the anti-semitic graffiti & vandalism were also falsely reported as being done by outside suspects
  12. Perpetrator of anti-Muslim hate crime against Muslim family turns out to be Muslim himself [Australia]
  13. Actor Jussie Smollett Falsely Claims Two White Trump Supporters Poured Bleach On Him, Tied a Noose Around His Neck, and Beat Him Up.
  14. African-American woman claims she was called N***er by cashier of Ohio gas station. Customers who witnessed the incident all claim she lied. Store video shows she lied.
  15. Mother of 7 y/o girl who was shot in a drive by, claims shooter was White male who targeted them for being black. Police found shooter was african-american man, who shot the mothers car because she stole drugs.
  16. White Man Gets Busted By Illinois Police for Filing False Report and Fake Amber Alert Against Black Man
  17. Deputies arrest three Hispanic teenagers after racist graffiti found at Leto High School including on drinking fountains that read “whites only” and “blacks only”
  18. Indian student at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa slipped racist notes under the dorm doors of herself and a friend, then reported it to police.
  19. Black man spray painted swastikas on churches and other buildings in Antioch, California.
  20. Nooses Found Near Mississippi State Capitol Turn Out To Be Democrat ‘Protest’
  21. Black Student at Drake University “Receives Targeted Racist Note”. Complains that the University would have put him up at the Holiday Inn if he was white.
  22. Man shouting “Heil Trump, Heil Hitler” in the Baltimore, Maryland Hippodrome Theatre during a performance of Fiddler on the Roof, was actually an anti-Trump activist
  23. Black college lacrosse player, 21, who sprayed N-word and swastika graffiti targeting Himself and other students says his ‘bottled up anger’ made him do it as he faces hate crime charges
  24. Racist note on Kansas State apartment door was a hoax
  25. Perpetrators of Georgia marching band racial slur stunt turn out to be minorities
  26. Gay, Jewish Democrat drew a swastika with chalk on fences and pillars outside of two peoples’ homes in Chicago.
  27. NYC Synagogue Vandalism Suspect is African-American Former City Hall Anti-Hate Crime Intern Who Wrote “Die Jew Rats” and “Hitler”
  28. Black men caught on video spray painting swastikas in Brooklyn Heights, New York.
  29. Black Male Arrested for Swastika Graffiti in New Hampshire
  30. Brazilian Woman Carved Swastika On Herself and Faked Her Attack by Supporters of Opposition Presidential Candidate
  31. Lesbian student at Ohio State University faked death threat messages to herself
  32. Black woman in Baldwin, Long Island, New York lied about 4 teens yelling “Trump 2016!” and telling her she didn’t belong there. She also claimed they slashed her tires and left a note that said “Go home”.
  33. Police say Allegations That Michigan Man Urinated on 5-Year-Old Black Girl, Called Her Racial Slur Were Fabricated
  34. Young boys who were black and white hung a black doll with a noose on a playground in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania because wanted to “creep people out”
  35. Waitress at a steak house in Waco, Texas wrote a racial slur against hispanic people on a check, then blamed it on an employee of the local sheriff’s department
  36. Texas Waiter Admits to Faking Racist Message on Receipt
  37. Black waiter at Saltgrass Steak House in Odessa, Texas faked a note on a receipt from a customer which read “we don’t tip terrorist”
  38. Police determined that intoxicated gay man made a big scene in a store, was escorted out of the store, he was upset that they wouldn’t let him back in, so he made up a story
  39. Black woman pulled over and arrested for DUI in Waxahachie, Texas claimed the white officer raped her but video evidence showed she was lying
  40. Woman in Troy, New York claimed she was in a car with her son when they were attacked by a group of white men yelling racial slurs. Police later found she was not in the car, and the attack was not racially motivated, and was because her son’s car looked like one used earlier in a robbery.
  41. 13 year old black teen in Houston, Texas lied about being abducted by a car full of white men because he was black
  42. Black councilman for the city of McKinney, Texas claimed he was pulled over by police for being black and having dreadlocks. Body camera footage showed he was pulled over for traveling 55mph in a 35mph zone.
  43. Black woman in Brunswick County, South Carolina claimed she was pulled over and given a speeding ticket by a white officer because she was black. Video evidence showed she was lying.
  44. Black president of an NAACP chapter said he was pulled over in Timmonsville, South Carolina because he was black while driving a Mercedes Benz in a wealthy area. Video evidence showed he was lying.
  45. Muslim girl made up story of being attacked in Virginia because of her headscarf
  46. Vincennes University student claimed to be a victim of hate crime. Police Investigate and video proves he lied.
  47. Florida “Psychiatrist” burns cross on his own yard
  48. Assault against Canadian pro-choice advocate didn’t happen
  49. Man accused of calling a young black child a racial slur and spitting on him in a Hooters restaurant in Overland Park, Kansas was found not guilty on all charges when video evidence and inconsistent testimony disproved the accusations.
  50. Woman lied about being raped in the parking lot of Delta College in Michigan
  51. Twitter users were lying about white people being beaten at showings of the movie Black Panther.
  52. Former Maryland University Employee (18-year-old African-American Terrell Demonte Alexander) Scrawled Racist Graffiti (Swastikas) in a Men’s Bathroom Stall
  53. Reported hijab attack on 11-year-old girl ‘did not happen,’ Toronto police say
  54. Muslim activist accidentally tweeted himself a public hate message without realizing he had forgotten to switch accounts.
  55. African-American Vandal Draws Swastikas On Dozens Of Manhattan Doors
  56. African-American man charged with vandalizing of 5 black churches in NJ
  57. African American St. Louis Missouri High School student has confessed to writing a racial slur and the phrase ‘White Lives Matter N*****’s’ on a mirror inside a campus bathroom
  58. Chiropractor allegedly framed by school crossing guard in racist letters is cleared
  59. Jewish man tagged the French word for jews “juif” in spray paint around the of Marseille, France
  60. A Black Student Wrote those Racist Messages that Shook the Air Force Academy, School says
  61. Black man spray painted “Go home n***r boy”, “Whites only”, a backward swastika and other slurs on his own car at Kansas State University.
  62. African-American Church employee accused of “KKK” and Swastika graffiti and fire to cover up burglary
  63. Swastika at Glen Park BART station seen as part of string of vandalism
  64. Police drop investigation as story of racist death threats against Calgary trustee candidate unravels
  65. 52-year-old Ronald Alford Sr. accused of spray-painting a swastika inside a residence hall at the University of Maryland in September is African American
  66. Man charged with spray-painting swastika at UMD is African-American
  67. Noose at Michigan State University Was Actually Just a Missing Shoelace
  68. African American Man Admits Racist Nazi Graffiti and fire was hoax to Throw Investigators from Discovering the Money He Stole
  69. Woman charged with hate crime after allegedly spray-painting swastikas on Bolingbrook mayor’s home. The woman arrested is a liberal activist.
  70. A White Security Officer Told Police he was Shot by a Black Man. Turns Out, he had Shot Himself.
  71. Police charge an African-American who claimed to be a victim of a vandalism/hate crime incident where a racial slur was written repeatedly on his vehicle and allegedly directed at him
  72. BBC’S Harlow ‘Brexit Race Hate’ Claims Debunked
  73. Black student at West Chester High School in PA sent threatening online messages to an Instagram page using words like “N***er”, “Cracker” and “Dirty Mexicans”.
  74. After internet sleuths analyze Arizona Hookah Bars signs and compare the handwriting to the alleged hate crime graffiti, it becomes obvious it was a hoax
  75. Garon Archer was a Former Occupy progressive, an RNC protester, then the leader of the Tennessee “Party of Communists USA”, and in 2012 he was chanting slogans against racism and burned a Confederate flag bandanna, and now he is supposedly a “white nationalist”, proclaiming “the southern nation is a white nation” and holding rallies. #bigfathoax
  76. Noose incident at Amherst College not a hate crime, DA rules
  77. Hispanic Washington State University student, Jose Andres Tecuatl, was arrested in connection with multiple Swastikas and bomb threat at dorm
  78. Washington State University sophomore Jose Andres Tecuatl was arrested for three bomb threats and three counts of felony harassment for etching Nazi symbols into walls in stairwells and in common areas
  79. A White man lied about being stabbed by a Black man because his haircut made him look like a neo-Nazi. Police found he had accidentally cut himself and made the story up.
  80. Jackson gay rights leader guilty of burning down own home with cats and dogs inside and claimed it was a hate crime
  81. 22-year-old Muslim man claimed another man made several hate-related threats and punched him. The assault charge dropped after victim admits “exaggerating” story.
  82. Democratic Hawaiian state representative tweeted an image of a hateful letter she supposedly received in the mail. Online sleuths quickly determined it to be a fake.
  83. Neo-Nazi who vandalized the Boston Holocaust Memorial turned out to be a 21-Year old African American man
  84. White mom in Claremont, New Hampshire made up a story about her biracial son getting lynched and made over $50,000 off of a gofundme page. The son was actually white and his neck burns were from playing with a rope.
  85. Police Say Reported Noose In Ivy City Was Rope Used For Moving Equipment
  86. LGBT youth center ‘arsonist’ was one-time member
  87. White Man Caught on Video Throwing a Noose and then Walking Away with his African American Friend
  88. Black Ex-Petersburg City, VA attorney made phony call to himself claiming racial threats to city leaders
  89. Victim’s Police Report Contradicts Media’s ‘Hate Crime’ Narrative In Milwaukee Attack On Muslim Woman. Fact’s won’t stop them from lying.
  90. Campus Cops Investigate Plastic Wrap On Sidewalk Shaped Vaguely Like Noose
  91. Muslim Woman Arrested for Lighting Her Own Mosque on Fire
  92. Juan Thompson, an African-American man, made 8 JCC bomb threats to frame white ex-girlfriend
  93. Muslim activist Linda Sarsour Has Raised $80K For Anti-Muslim Hate Crime That Did Not Happen
  94. Pakistani NYC College Student Lied to Cops, Claiming Racists Abducted him in Harrowing Robbery
  95. Report of Racist Note on Black Students Windshield was ‘Fabricated’
  96. The transgender team that was declined to compete in an all-female tournament was, apparently, a hoax
  97. White Antifa member posed as free speech supporters giving the Hitler salute during a rally at University of California, Berkeley.
  98. Fake Harvard University “Investigation Unit” Notice Regarding Students Being Indefinitely Detained was Formally Cosigned by the Harvard Concilio Latino, Islamic Society, Black Student Association, and Palestine Solidarity Committee
  99. 30 Headstones Topple At Second Philly Jewish Cemetery — Vandalism Ruled Out
  100. African-American Man Caught On Video Breaking a Window at a Store, Leaving a ‘White America’ Racist Note, and then Setting a Fire
  101. Twitter Hoax Spread On The Internet Claiming Pro-Trump Rally Violence
  102. Hoax Claim of Attack at Pro-Trump Rally Uses Picture From 2013
  103. Timberland CEO’s Derogatory Comment About Not Wanting ‘Blacks In My Boots’ Is Fake News
  104. Azhar Hussain, an ISU professor, was arrested and accused of making up threats and attack. Sent anti-Muslim messages and threats of potential violence against himself and members of the Muslim community
  105. The “Diversity Leadership Council” at Gustavus Adolphus College Has Admitted to Posting Racist Posters Around Campus Urging “All White Americans” to Report “Any and All Illegal Aliens” and “America Is a White Nation”
  106. 19 Year-old Israeli-American Responsible For At Least 245 Jewish Community Center (JCC) Bomb Threats Caught
  107. Right-wing Hate Groups blamed for Vandalism Involving Turning Jewish Menorah Into a Swastika Resulted in Police Arresting African-American Man and 3 Unidentified Minors
  108. Police Drop Charges Against Man Accused of Anti-Gay Hate Crime After Video Does Not Corroborate the Victim’s Story
  109. Two black men spray painted KKK around Newark, New Jersey.
  110. Mosque Arson Blamed On Trump. After Finding 16-Year-Old Suspect, Police Later Say It Was Not A Hate Crime.
  111. Threatening graffiti at East Jefferson High School in Louisiana implicating white students and included a homophobic message was actually done by one Hispanic and one Indian student.
  112. White teen ‘lied about black gang rapists after slashing her own legs and running into a church’
  113. Homeless Man Charged With Scratching Swastikas On Miami Beach Cars
  114. Vandals Not Responsible for Dozens of Tipped Graves at Jewish Cemetery in Brooklyn, Management Says
  115. Montreal Man, Hisham Saadi, 47, Charged with Terror Hoax After Bomb Threat Targeting Muslim University Students
  116. Muslim Internment-Style Posters Found on UCSD Campus
  117. Officials Say ‘Non-Caucasian,’ Special Ed. Student Behind Swastika Graffiti
  118. Three African-American Teenage Girls Spray-Paint Racial Slurs, Including the N-Word, on High School
  119. Virginia Waitress Receives $3,600 in Donations After Claiming She Received a ‘Racist Note.’ Now Her Story is Falling Apart.
  120. African-American Man Arrested for Four Separate Racist & Sexist Graffiti Incidents
  121. Pasquale Vargas Drew Swastikas, “KKK”, and “Mexican Go Home” in Penn Station Bathrooms
  122. Anti-Arab Graffiti spray painted on the Home of Muslim Man was done by the himself
  123. Black man spray painted “KKK” on a business’s van and lit black employees house on fire
  124. Two white brothers in Manhattan lied about being beaten by white Neo-Nazis with brass knuckles.
  125. Jewish man arrested after spray painting swastikas on his own home in Upstate NY
  126. Emails which contained racist and anti-Semitic language coming from a professor at the University of Michigan were actually spoofed.
  127. Beloit College student admits to spray-painting own dorm with racial and islamophobic slurs in order to seek attention
  128. Capital University Campus Police determine three reported hate crimes were fabricated. Student finally admits truth that he wasn’t attacked with a knife, and he sent the note with racial slurs and swastikas to himself
  129. Insurance Fraud – Jewish Store Owner Falsely Claimed He Was the Victim of an Armed Robbery, Then Two Robbers Started a Fire Within the Store, and Also Sprayed Anti-semitic Graffiti on the Building’s Exterior After Committing Robbery
  130. Bellevue Mosque Burned by Homeless Man Not a Hate Crime, Police Say
  131. Viral Video Claiming Young Somali Girl Exacts Justice For Boy Trying To Pull Hijab Off Her Is A Hoax. Shared All Over Internet.
  132. Police: ‘KKK’ Twitter Threat Came from African-American Student
  133. Officials Now Claim Travis County Mosque Fire May Not Have Been Arson, But May Have Started From Embers Of Nearby Fires Or Uncontrolled Homeless Fires Intended To Keep Warm
  134. Somali Muslim Man Threatens Seattle Mosque, So Prosecutors Charge Him With a Hate Crime
  135. 13-year old Boy arrested in swastika graffiti spree. Police say youth knew symbol from video game, found it easy to draw
  136. Kicked Off Flight Because They Were Speaking Arabic? Delta Passengers Dispute YouTube Prankster Adam Saleh’s Discrimination Claims
  137. ADL: ‘No truth’ to story about Jewish family fleeing Pa. over false accusations they cancelled the Christmas play
  138. Jasskirat Saini was Arrested for Multiple Bias Incidents at Nassau Community College when he Drew Swastikas on a Building and “KKK” on the Floors
  139. NYPD Arrests Muslim Girl Who Claimed Attack by Trump Supporters in NYC Subway
  140. FL Man Faked KKK Hate Crime, Set His Ex’s Car on Fire, and Staged His Own Kidnapping in Blood Covered Ransom Note
  141. De La Cruz, a local gang member, stabs a congregant outside his Mosque. Sentenced to 16 years in Jail. Trump blamed.
  142. Father Confesses to Hate Crime Hoax of Burning his Own Car and Spray-Painting Own Home with Racist Slur
  143. ‘Harassing, Threatening’ Notes Sent to North Park U. Student were Bogus
  144. Man Admits Lying About ‘Trump Country Lynching’ Hate Crime Report
  145. Bowling Green State Univ. African-American Woman’s Story that she was attacked by three men wearing Trump gear who “began to throw rocks” at her
  146. Ann Arbor Woman Pleads Guilty to Falsely Reported Safety Pin Slashing
  147. Two students admit to vandalizing Griffin Hall on Saturday
  148. School report of 5 year old Muslim boy in Charlotte, North Carolina being abused by his teacher, repeatedly called him a “bad Muslim child, was made up.
  149. African-American USF Student Arrested for Lying About Being Robbed By Two White Men
  150. Controversial Racist Banner Causing Uproar in Pittsburgh Neighborhood. African-American Owner Put It Up.
  151. Church Organist Admitted to Spray Painting “Heil Trump”, a Swastika, and “Fag Church” to “mobilize a movement”
  152. Racist, anti-LGBT flier found outside Dallas nightclub appears to be hoax
  153. University of Michigan Student Made Up Story About Man Threatening to Burn Hijab, Police Say
  154. Fake letter attacking Muslims passed around social media. Snopes: “There’s no evidence that a threatening letter from a new ‘neighborhood town watch’ was circulated to Muslims across the United States”
  155. Villanova University Student Withdraws Claim that Trump Voters Attack Her
  156. “Note Reading ‘Bye Bye Latinos Hasta La Vista’ Found in Kivette Hall” – “The Message was Written By a Latino Student Who Was Upset About the Results of the Election and Wrote the Message As a Satirical Commentary,”
  157. Claim that two SIUC Students Use Blackface To Celebrate Trump Victory (just a beauty face mask and torn flag)
  158. University of Louisiana Lafayette Student Made Up Story About Attack, Stolen Wallet & Stolen Hijab. One of the Imaginary Men Wore a “Trump” Hat and They Both Yelled Racial Obscenities at Her.
  159. U of M student, Kathy Mirah Tu, posts viral story of racist attack. Police state they have no record of any report. Student deletes post.
  160. Woman Claimed on Facebook that “Four Males, All of Whom Were Caucasian” Harassed and Threatened Her with Racial Slurs and Violence Outside a Gas Station and that Charges Have Been Filed … Police Said: “No Official Report of Ugly Racial Incident at … Gas Station”
  161. Black Doll with Noose Found in Canisius College Dorm Building (It Wasn’t)
  162. Bowling Green State University Report of Attack, Robbery, & Gay Slur All False, Police Say
  163. Picture circulating on social media claims to depict the KKK marching on a bridge to celebrate Trump’s victory. Fake.
  164. Three vehicles and one house in Philadelphia were spray-painted with messages that read “Trump Rules,” “Trump Rules Black B—h” and the letter “T.” Found to be a hoax perpetrated by a black man.
  165. San Diego State University Muslim Student Who Claimed She Was Attacked and Robbed by Two Trump Supporters “Not Willing to Testify and Decided She No Longer Wanted to Pursue the Matter Criminally, According to Police”
  166. Baylor police suspend investigation of alleged racial abuse
  167. Pro-Trump Babson College Students Cleared in Wellesley Incident
  168. San Francisco Homeowner’s Nazi Flag Protest of Trump Backfires
  169. Mic reporter Sarah Harvard spreads lies about knife attack on Muslim girl
  170. Santa Monica Police Say No Report Filed In Alleged Election Night Assault On Gay Man By ‘Trump Supporters’
  171. University Professor Claims She Was Given Anti-Muslim Literature, Blames Post-Election ‘Values’
  172. Jewish Democrat drew a swastika with chalk on fences and pillars outside of two neighbors homes in Chicago
  173. WashPost & Daily Kos claim political and racial motivation to fatal Muslim College Student Beating in Wisconsin. Police found it was not racially motivated.
  174. African-American Congregant Burns Down Own Church – “A Burned Down Black Church Shows Trump Wouldn’t Condemn His Own Terrorists”
  175. Prank by two black students who were good friends at Stone High School falsely described as hate crime by NAACP
  176. Man Falsely Accused of Making Threatening Calls to Mosque. Phone Records Show Calls Came from L.A. Judges Son, but Police Ignore and Accuse Innocent Person. Media covers up conflicting narrative.
  177. Father Claims Islamophobic Attack of Muslim Child on School Bus. Investigators Find No Evidence.
  178. Man who rushed the field at a football game in Chicago, Illinois dressed in a gorilla outfit with an “All Lives Matter” sign turned out to be black after he was unmasked.
  179. Man who went on a shooting rampage in Houston, Texas while wearing a Nazi uniform was actually naturalized citizen from India and had helped found a chapter of a Jewish fraternity.
  180. Hate crime that sparked Eastern Michigan University protests deemed hoax
  181. NY Muslim woman set on fire was not target of hate crime, police say
  182. Man Accused of Assaulting Trump Protester Revealed Hoax
  183. ‘Poster boy for white hatred’ sues Michigan Tech for scapegoating him
  184. Murder by Hispanic Man, Oscar Morel, who shot an Imam and His Assistant, blamed on right-wing extremism
  185. Photo of an African-American Girl’s Injuries Went Viral After She Alleged that Three Boys Wrapped a Rope Around Her Neck Like a Noose and Dragged Her because of Racial Motivation
  186. Justin Coleman, an African American Man, Pleads Guilty to Posing as a Trump Supporter & White Supremacist and Mailing 6 Extremely Threatening Letters to Black People
  187. Woman lied about fending off three black and Hispanic would be rapists in New York after returning from a gay pride parade
  188. Online star Calum McSwiggan pleads guilty to vandalism after hate crime claim
  189. ‘Racist’ Text Messages at Ottoson Fabricated: Police
  190. Muslim Man Charged with Sending Letter Containing White Powder to a Mosque and Spray-painting Anti-Muslim Words on Muslim-Owned Store
  191. NBC7 push fake news story: Pepper-Spray Use at Trump Protest in San Diego against instigators
  192. A Chicago Student has been Arrested for Painting “Trump 2016 – Fuck Mexico” on a Sidewalk at DePaul University. He’s a Social Justice Student Warrior.
  193. Two SUNY Albany College Students who Claimed to be Victims of Racist Attack Expelled
  194. A black restaurant owner in Urbana, IL is in jail after police said he made a false report about a hate crime and death threat
  195. Black University of Iowa student got himself in bar fight, and blamed it on three white men yelling racial slurs.
  196. Transgender Woman Claims She Was Escorted Out of a Durham Transit Center Bathroom. Video Shows It Could Not Have Happened As She Claimed.
  197. Seven Muslim Women Sue Cafe For Kicking Them Out Because They Were Muslim and Wearing Hijabs. Co-Owner is Muslim and Cafe has a Rush Hour Policy of 45 Minutes.
  198. African-American Students Connected in Salisbury University Racist Drawing
  199. Gay Pastor Apologizes for Making Up Hoax, Drops Suit About Whole Foods Cake with Homophobic Slur
  200. Bananas hung at Clemson University in South Carolina were not a hate crime, but the University used as an excuse to push for more diversity initiatives.
  201. Syrian refuge in Germany set his own shelter on fire, but spray painted swastikas to blame it on Germans.
  202. Gay men in South Beach Miami started a fight and claimed it was an anti-gay hate crime.
  203. A driver running over a Muslim woman in Molenbeek, Belgium was immediately assumed to be an anti-Islam demonstrator by the media. Later found to be a drunk local youth named Mohamed.
  204. Woman of Middle-Eastern Descent Who Said She Was Slashed In Face Made Up Story
  205. Palestinian man burned down his own home and blamed it on Israeli settlers.
  206. Muslim woman in Dearborn, Michigan lied about being forced by police to remove hijab
  207. Actual ‘Fake News’ website writes fake story about a Trump Supporter setting mosque on fire and critically injuring three people. Real website reports on it.
  208. Two Vandals in Hoax Attack at Northwestern University Chapel Get Hate Crime Charges Dropped
  209. Seattle’s Africatown Center Vandalized With Swastikas, Racial Threats, and Pro-Trump Graffiti
  210. Black men dress in KKK outfits and stage a rally for Trump, resembling a scene from the movie Blazing Saddles.
  211. Russian-German teen lied about being raped by migrants
  212. Muslim woman in Birmingham, UK lied about being attacked for wearing a hijab.
  213. Woman in Auckland, New Zealand lied about being beaten because she was speaking Maori
  214. Arson at a Houston Mosque on Christmas Day Was Set By Man Who Was a Regular at the Mosque. Media Runs to Blame Trump.
  215. The Man Who Planned To Bomb A Mosque Posted Positive Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Comments. Guess Which One The Media Mentions?
  216. Sharareh Delara Drury, a self-described journalist, claimed that she was attacked on a Michigan Avenue bus in Chicago. Her story was first posted on her Facebook page and then reported by Refinery 29 and by the Chicago NBC affiliate. The Chicago Transit Authority issued a statement saying that they had multiple cameras on every bus. They reviewed all video from Michigan Avenue buses on that day and found that no such incident occurred. The Chicago Police Department said the woman never filed a police report. No witnesses have come forward to support her story.
  217. Yale Finds No Evidence of ‘White Girls Only’ Halloween Party Racism
  218. Death of Muslim teen was an accident, not a hate crime, police investigation finds
  219. Former Cop Accused of Writing Racist Letter to Himself
  220. “Twitter Threats to Black Kean Students Made by Black Alum, Police Say”
  221. 31-Year-Old Registered Democrat Charged With Sending Email Threat To Islamic Center of Lexington. Trump Blamed.
  222. Racism Immediately Alleged After Black Bag of Poop Found on Steps of Vanderbilt’s Black Cultural Center — Then the Truth Comes Out
  223. Tunisian Woman Fabricated “Islamophobic” Plot to Bomb Majority-Muslim High School (She’s also an Ellen Fan)
  224. Harvard law school students vandalized portraits of former black professors to prove their campus was racist
  225. Yik Yak threat at a University Stated: ‘I’m going to shoot every black person I can on campus’. Posted by African-American Man.
  226. LSU student and student newspaper columnist Clarke Perkins freaked out on Twitter as she mistook a lightning ground wire hanging over a branch for a noose.
  227. Mizzou Student Body President Admits to Spreading False Rumor KKK was on Campus
  228. Indian Man Claims He Was Attacked Because The White Confederate Flag Pick-up Driving Attackers Thought He Was A Muslim. His Daughter Also Received Threatening Texts. But He Lied. It was another Hoax.
  229. “A Student of Color” was Responsible for Writing “KKK Forever Public Lynching Dec. 9th 2015” and “I hung a n—– by his neck in my backyard” on School Computer
  230. Black husband and wife professors at Emporia State University made numerous unsubstantiated claims about racism where they worked, then sued when the investigations showed the events never happened.
  231. African-American Man Charged with Setting Two Fires in the String of Seven Predominantly Black Church Fires in the St. Louis Area
  232. U of Delaware ‘Nooses’ Turn Out To Be Remnants of Paper Lanterns from a Previous Event
  233. White Texas man vandalized own truck and spray painted “Black Lives Matter” and anti-police graffiti on it.
  234. Black student admits hanging ‘White Only,’ ‘Black Only’ signs near school bathrooms, water fountains
  235. ‘Terrorist’ Troll Pretended to Be ISIS, White Supremacist, and Jewish Lawyer
  236. Online threat about Black Panthers going into schools and shooting white students was a hoax.
  237. White New York firefighter set his own house on fire and blamed it on Black Lives Matter
  238. A man who claimed he was the victim of a hate crime at a UND fraternity made the story up according to investigators
  239. Lesbian Professor Admits She Made Up Gay-Bashing Story and Punched Herself In The Eye
  240. Black Georgia Tech student claimed racial slurs were yelled at her from a window while walking by a fraternity house. Investigators found the windows were locked or inaccessible and video evidence showed she never walked by.
  241. Planned Parenthood claimed its website was hacked after undercover surveillance video of its operations was leaked. Internet sleuths showed it was obviously a staged PR stunt.
  242. Shaun King, a white activist for Black Lives Matter claimed he was beaten nearly to death by a group of rednecks in 1995. The police report showed it was a one on one fight with minor injuries.
  243. A Hispanic Man Falsely Claimed that he was Assaulted with a Screwdriver By White Males. He was Assaulted by Rival Hispanic Gang Members.
  244. Story about a black man beaten to death by white supremacists in Myrtle Beach, Florida was completely made up.
  245. After claiming to have received homophobic letter Baltimore woman’s ‘relentlessly gay’ fundraiser revealed as apparent hoax
  246. Black Suspect Arrested After Racist Message Discovered Outside Predominately Black Church
  247. Rick Jones admits to vandalism, injuries originally reported as anti-gay attack; donations returned
  248. African-American Suspect Arrested After Racist Message Discovered Outside Predominately Black Church
  249. White woman in Texas invented story of being attacked by three black people in front of her 3-year old daughter.
  250. President of the Spokane, Washington NAACP lied about receiving racial hate mail in a PO box
  251. Two Jewish teens vandalized a synagogue in Ra’anana, Israel with Anti-Semitic graffiti.
  252. Senegalese immigrant in Italy sent herself a series of racist letters
  253. Attack against two gay men in a Manhattan, New York restaurant widely publicized as being anti-gay. People familiar with the attacker spoke up that he was also gay.
  254. Columbia University student Emma Sulkowicz falsely accused a student of raping her. The student was cleared of charges when text messages showed she had requested anal sex and was rejected.
  255. Suspect behind writing “Keep Europe white” at UCLA campus ended up being an Asian man
  256. After a month of non-stop protests about a noose, Duke quietly reveals details that it was an international student and he will be allowed to remain on campus.
  257. The son of Rachel Dolezal filed a false police report about being harrased by racist white people in a grocery store. Video evidence showed no such thing happened and he was covering up for knocking over wine bottles.
  258. “Social Activist” Lawyer in Austin, Texas posted stickers around town that proclaimed some businesses were exclusively for white people
  259. Jewish student at George Washington University admitted to posting a swastika on Jewish fraternity’s bulletin board.
  260. Gay activist in Ohio claimed he had been abducted, later revealed to be a hoax.
  261. White woman fabricated a story about being raped at knifepoint by a black man in a park in Brooklyn, New York.
  262. African-America Husband Found Guilty in Fire and Racist Graffiti on Wife’s Truck
  263. Melbourne Florida police say ‘Allahu Akbar’ graffiti and fire at church is juvenile vandalism
  264. Muslim student at UT Arlington fabricated story of being threatened with a gun by white men in a pickup truck decorated with “large Texan flags”.
  265. Jewish man caught painting the French word for jews “juif” on 20 cars in Paris, France.
  266. African-American Bridgeport Connecticut Police Officer Who Reported Racist Letter… Wrote It
  267. Black New York Times columnist claimed a Yale campus police officer aimed his gun at his son because he was black. It was later revealed the officer himself was black, as was Yale’s police chief.
  268. Immigrant murdered in Dresden, Germany automatically assumed to be killed by neo-Nazis was actually killed by his Eritrean roommate.
  269. LGBT fans of Charlton Athletic in the UK falsely claimed they were lured into an ambush and violently attacked.
  270. Muslim man burgled and vandalized his own mosque in Fresno, California.
  271. Fire at a mosque in Eskilstuna, Sweden was assumed to be a religiously motivated hate crime. The cause was an overheated deep fryer.
  272. Effigies of black people hanging at Uinversity of California, Berkeley were actually hung by black students as an art project.
  273. An investigation found that a rope at Corporation Yard in Oakland, CA was deliberately positioned to look like a noose before reporters arrived to take photos.
  274. Bosnian immigrant in St. Louis falsely claimed three black teenagers wanted to kill her due to ethnicity.
  275. University of Chicago student made up story about racist people hacking his Facebook account and threatening to rape him. He posted the message himself.
  276. YouTube prankster’s Muslim Racial Profiling video is a hoax designed to smear the NYPD and cash in by creating viral content.
  277. Student at Sweet Briar college in Virginia affixed labels saying White Only and Colored on two water coolers to draw attention to non-existent racism on that campus.
  278. Gay activist claimed he received a receipt from a Portland, Oregon Apple store with his email filled in as “” and assumed it was a hate crime. Many people pointed out it was likely a typo, just random letters used to fill out the email field.
  279. Muslim man burned korans in front of a Dearborn, Michigan mosque on three separate occasions.
  280. Muslim student at Montclair State University in New Jersey lied about being beaten in an anti-Muslim attack.
  281. Racist tweets sent to students of Abilene Christian University in Texas were sent by a former student who is black.
  282. Internet Hoax: Lesbian activists made a video showing homophobic reactions to people being asked to hug gay people. They didn’t disclose the people were paid actors.
  283. Transgender student at Hercules Middle School lied about being attacked, beaten and sexually molested by other students in the bathroom.
  284. Gay man from Blackpool, England lied about being attacked by a group of homophobes after leaving a gay nightclub. CCTV video showed he injured himself.
  285. Bus driver in Dayton, Ohio made up a story about three black teenagers shooting and stabbing him.
  286. Black Grand Valley State University student wrote anti-black racist graffiti which said “black bitch die” and “fuck black history month” on her own dorm’s whiteboard.
  287. Radio station in New York fabricated story of a mom stopping her child from attending a classmate’s birthday party because their parents were gay.
  288. Male student settled a lawsuit with Washington & Lee University in Virginia after the school expelled him for a fake rape accusation from a woman he had consensual sex with.
  289. Chinese owner of a coffee stand in Spokane, Washington set it on fire and spray painted “Go back to China” on the ground outside.
  290. SOuthern Poverty Law Center Misgenders Trans-Woman So They Can Claim Man Murdered Another Transgender Woman
  291. Gay New Jersey waitress lied about receiving anti gay slurs and no tip from a customer
  292. Windsor, Colorado man falsely accused of abducting a woman from a Safeway parking lot and raping her.
  293. Gay man in Tennessee claimed he was attacked and had a anti-gay slur written on his forehead, later charged with making a false report.
  294. Mother of Lunenburg high school football player painted racist graffiti on her own home.
  295. Anti black and transgender graffiti at Vassar college was written by a Hispanic transgender student who was investigating the incidents.
  296. Lesbian in Indianapolis, Indiana claimed a hospital denied her visitation to her partner there. The hospital never banned her, and police later found her violent assault was the reason for her partner’s stay in the hospital.
  297. Imam in Pau, France caught vandalizing his own mosque with anti-Muslim graffiti.
  298. Black waitress at Red Lobster in Tennessee claimed customer wrote racial slurs to her on the back of a receipt, handwriting experts later said it was false.
  299. Oprah Winfrey claimed she was not shown a handbag at a shop in Switzerland because she is black. She later walked back the claim and amitted she was not dressed in a way that would suggest she could afford the handbag.
  300. Black minister of music at Good Shepherd Baptist Church in Petersburg, Virginia had his house set on fire and told the media it was because he was black. After investigating, police determined he set the fire.
  301. Transgender activist testifying about gay conversion therapy in support of a New Jersey law to ban the practice made the entire story up. It was a plot from a Ru Paul movie titled But I’m a Cheerleader.
  302. Gay community rallied around a teenage lesbian in Florida, and shamed her lover’s parents publicly because they wouldn’t let her date another girl. It eventually came to light that the girl was 14, and her lover was 18, and her parents were simply trying to prevent illegal underage sexual contact from taking place.
  303. Black student responsible for anti-black graffiti that read “Die n*ggers” at Agoura High School in California.
  304. Woman lied to police about being bound and gagged in a Gainesville, Florida parking lot.
  305. Black Jersey City high school student sent himself racist text messages while running for student council president.
  306. Feminist activist at the University of Wyoming, Laramie sent rape threats to herself on Facebook to frame conservatives.
  307. Israeli film director claimed he was severely beaten by Arab men in an anti-semetic attack. Investigators later found it was a small fight that had nothing to do with race or religion.
  308. Woman lied about being raped at University of California, Santa Cruz. Police later found she posted a Craigslist ad asking for someone to beat her up.
  309. Long string of anti-gay, anti-black, anti-Muslim graffiti and swastikas at Oberlin College was perpetrated by liberal Democrat activists who worked for Obama’s Organizing for Action.
  310. Oberlin College: Alleged ‘KKK Figure’ Possibly Just ‘a Person Wrapped in a Blanket’
  311. Muslim pizza shop owner in Austria set fire to his own shop then spray painted swastikas on the wall.
  312. Jewish student scrawled anti-Semitic graffiti at a railroad station in Long Island, New York multiple times in December 2012.
  313. Lesbian woman who was beaten by the brother of her partner claimed it was because she was gay. It was later determined that he beat her because he was mad at her for getting his sister into prostitution and drugs.
  314. Republican activist in Wisconsin falsely claimed he was assaulted in his home by a man shouting anti-gay slurs.
  315. Louisiana Black woman lied about being set on fire and having KKK carved into her car by three men. She did it all herself and received serious burns
  316. Muslim man terrorized a Muslim family in the UK by dumping a severed pig’s head in their driveway, pouring paint thinner on their car and throwing a brick through their window.
  317. Lesbian couple at pride festival in Atlanta, Georgia claimed they were violently attacked because they were gay. Police later found they had been drinking and verbally harrassing another party, which eventually led to the fight.
  318. Jewish student at Michigan State University falsely claimed he was punched and had his mouth stapled shut by Neo-Nazis. He was instead punched because he had been harassing women.
  319. Gay man in Missoula, Montana fell while backflipping outside of a bar, made up a story about being beaten for being gay.
  320. Lesbian woman in Nebraska charged with making false claims to the police after faking anti-gay assault on herself.
  321. Three Jewish men spray painted anti-Semetic, pro-Hitler graffiti on the national holocaust memorial in Jerusalem, Israel.
  322. Anti-Gypsy slurs and swastika graffiti in Nagykanizsa, Hungary was the work of gypsies.
  323. Gay bar owner in Chicago admitted to torching his own establishment, writing gay slurs on the walls.
  324. Black German foreign exchange student at Berthoud High School in Colorado lied about being attacked by four white men who cut her forehead with a knife.
  325. Black legislative aide wrote a letter with racial slurs and white powder to a black Muslim Iowa state legislator in attempt to frame white gun owners.
  326. Iraqi man in San Diego kills his wife, blames it on “Islamophobia”.
  327. Lesbian sophomore at Central Connecticut State University wrote anti-gay death threats to herself.
  328. Two black students at Montclair State University charged with faking racist graffiti on their own dorm room which read “BLACKS ONLY”, “N*gger” and “Black Bitch you will die”.
  329. Black student at University of Wisconsin, Parkside made a hit list of other black students.
  330. Student at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill claimed her ex boyfriend had repeatedly raped her while they were dating. She didn’t make the claim until three months after they broke up. The university found her boyfriend to be not guilty.
  331. Jewish man spray painted swastikas on the home of many Jewish residents in Brooklyn, New York and also made threatening anti-Semitic phone calls to them.
  332. Muslim student at the University of Kansas claimed she was abducted for several days by a drunk homeless man and characterized it as being because of her religion. She made the entire thing up and returned home safely.
  333. British woman offered to help a Muslim woman in a supermarket and was berated, tripped, kicked and accused of yelling anti-Muslim slurs. At trial the jury took 15 minutes to find the claims baseless and the defendant not guilty.
  334. Black man claimed two white St. Cloud, Minnesota Police officers attacked him and said “they didn’t want to see him around here again”. Video surveillance showed neither him or the police in the area at the time.
  335. Black Florida man burned a fake KKK cross on his driveway to stop his white wife from leaving him.
  336. Lesbian couple in Colorado spray painted “kill the gay” on their own garage door.
  337. Blind Native American man in South Dakota was told after an abdominal surgery that he had scars which looked like KKK which led to a lawsuit and widespred protests. Pictures showed only one scar resembled the letter K and he lost the lawsuit.
  338. White police officer in Memphis, Tennessee claimed he was shot by a Hispanic man. He later admitted a the shooter was a woman he was romantically involved with, who was the aunt of an underage girl he was also dating.
  339. Drugs, not gay hatred, may have sparked Salt Lake attack, police say
  340. Pakistani man in Boonton, New Jersey had his wife killed and staged it to look like a hate crime by men who were supposedly yelling racist remarks.
  341. McDonald’s racist Twitter message was hoax
  342. Supposed lesbian feminist blogger in Syria who was kidnapped because she was gay ended up being a total fabrication by a 40 year old American man living in Edinburgh, Scotland.
  343. Gay man faked hate crime in Iowa City.
  344. Black student at Seaholm High School in Birmingham, Michigan wrote hateful graffiti on a bathroom wall which specifically targeted other black students by name and said “Niggers need to be lynched”.
  345. “Wheel of Fortune”: Video of Racist Contestant a Fake
  346. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill student accidentally burned himself, claimed his injuries were the result of a homophobic attack.
  347. Black law student at the University of Virginia made up police misconduct incident about being targeted because he is black.
  348. Beating of gay man in New York assumed to be a hate crime. Police found the attacker was also gay.
  349. SPLC Lists Brian Toriano Crimiel’s Crime of Spray-painting Racial Slurs on Two Predominantly Black Churches on It Hate List. Crimiel Is Black and Was Found Guilty of Trying to Frame His White Girlfriend for the Crimes.
  350. The murder of a prominent gay rights activist in Uganda was considered to be an anti gay hate crime. Investigators found he was murdered by a gay prostitute for not paying him for his services.
  351. Pee on gay books at Harvard assumed to be hate crimed. Later turned out to be a bottle of pee spilled accidentally by a librarian.
  352. African American Student anonymously posted on Facebook comments containing racial slurs, references to lynchings, and mentions of potential targets. The profile picture was of a person in a Klu Klux Klan outfit.
  353. Lesbian couple in Venore, Tennessee spray painted “queers” on their house and burned it down, accusing their neighbor of a hate crime. Police later found it was insurance fraud.
  354. Vietnamese family in Happy Valley, Oregon had “chink” spray painted on their garage and said it was the work of racists in the area. Police later found it was their son who was the source of the graffiti.
  355. White woman in Vancouver, Washington threw acid on her face and lied about a black woman doing it.
  356. Democratic congressman’s office was firebombed and he blamed it on the Tea Party. It turned out to be a former campaign staffer.
  357. Black man in Hartford, Connecticut killed eight white coworkers at a job he was fired from for stealing. Tried to claim it was in response to a hate crime after the fact, when no proof existed.
  358. Two Muslim women claimed they were barred from entering a bus in London because of their religious clothing. Video surveillance revealed it was because they were being hostile toward the bus driver.
  359. Muslim man in Georgia burned down his own mosque.
  360. Muslim woman in Australia claimed a police officer attempted to tear her burka off of her face. Video evidence showed he was calm and polite while she screamed at him repeatedly.
  361. Golfer Tiger Woods claimed he was tied to a tree, stoned with rocks and had “n*gger” spray painted on him when he was in Kindergarten. The teacher at the time said it never happened.
  362. Democratic congressmen Cleaver and Lewis lied about being spat on and called the “N-word”, blamed it on the Tea Party. Video evidence showed it never happened.
  363. Democratic congressman lied about a coffin being placed on his lawn as a sign of hate by the Tea Party. No coffin was ever placed on his lawn.
  364. Noose found in University of California, San Diego campus automatically assumed to be the work of white racists and lead to student protests. Non-white student later confessed to hanging the noose.
  365. Racial Profiling Allegations Against State Troopers who Accurately Pulled Over Actual Van with 911 Hoaxer in it.
  366. Government worker found dead with “FED” written on his shirt. Media immediately assumed the Tea Party did it. Police later found he killed himself in an insurance fraud scheme and staged the suicide to look like a homicide.
  367. Arab student at Skyline High School in Ann Arbor, Michigan claimed she was attacked by a mob in a hate crime which included ethnic slurs and her hijab being removed. It was instead an ordinary fight and only one black girl touched her.
  368. Windows smashed at Democrat party headquarters in Denver, Colorado and was assumed to be the work of the Tea Party. Later found to be done by paid Democrat activist.
  369. British Muslim community leader lied about being kidnapped from his home by two men from the British National Party, bundled into a car, driven to the woods and ordered to stop his religious work.
  370. Arrest of black man trying to enter his own home through a locked door and was assumed to be racially motivated by the media and President Obama. Police report later revealed the house had been broken into before, he was being extremely belligerent and one of the officers was black.
  371. Man in Portage, Indiana set his mother’s bedroom on fire and painted a racial slur on the garage in an attempt to stage a hate crime.
  372. Muslim woman claimed british hotel owners severely insulted and berated her religion while a guest at their hotel, for which they lost significant business. A trial showed the entire claim was fabricated.
  373. Australian Imam broke the door on his own mosque and blamed it on vandals. Video surveillance proved he was lying.
  374. Brazilian attorney in Zurich, Switzerland claimed she received many cuts in a skinhead attack which caused her to miscarry her pregnancy. Investigators found she was not pregnant and the wounds were self inflicted.
  375. Black man who worked for Ameritas sent racially charged letters containing death threats to other black employees.
  376. White woman said her home in Georgia was burned and had racist graffiti spray painted on it due to her support for President Barack Obama. Investigators later found she set the blaze for insurance money.
  377. Black man in Poplarville, Mississippi sent a racist message from a fake Facebook account, disguised as a white supremacist, to a black student at Nicholls State University, Louisiana.
  378. Black man in detroit sent threatening hate mail to an interracial couple, warning them of the dangers of a white woman dating a black man.
  379. Black student at Trinity College posted a racist message on an anonymous college message board site.
  380. White campaign volunteer for Republican presidential candidate John McCain lied that a large black man robbed her and carved a “B” for “black” on her cheek and told her “you are going to be a Barack supporter”.
  381. Home invasion, rape, and double murder of white Marine and his black wife in Murrieta, California staged to look like a hate crime with slurs painted on their bodies and the walls of their house. All four assailants were black Marines who worked with the husband.
  382. Methodist minister sent a dead hedgehog to herself as part of a fake hate campaign
  383. Muslim student at Elmhurst College lied about being beaten unconscious by a Nazi and having anti-Muslim graffiti painted by her assailant. Police later determined the event never happened.
  384. Three Jewish men spray painted a swastika on the Baltimore Hebrew Congregation.
  385. Muslim girl who was watching children at the Islamic Society of Greater Dayton in Ohio claimed she was sprayed through the window in her face with a chemical irritant. Police found no chemicals, and the only thing resembling them was a can of pepper spray found inside the mosque.
  386. Former student body president at Abilene Christian University who reported finding a noose put the noose
  387. Windows smashed at Democrat party headquarters in Denver, Colorado and was assumed to be the work of the Tea Party. Later found to be done by paid Democrat activist.
  388. Black man in Ardmore, Oklahoma told police a group of white men wrapped rope around his neck, dragged him around and beat him. He later confessed to running into a clothesline after arguing with his wife.
  389. White student at Athens Middle School in Texas claimed she was assaulted by 21 Hispanic students after displaying a poster about illegal immigration. Surveillance showed they stole her poster, but her wounds were self inflicted.
  390. Jewish student at Goucher College in Maryland carved a swastikas on the inside and outside of another Jewish student’s apartment.
  391. Black man in Troy, Ohio set fire to his home and spray painted a racial slur on his car. The fire came days after he was charged with sexually assaulting a 15 year old girl.
  392. Conservative activist at Princeton University faked an assualt on himself that was supposedly for his conservative views.
  393. Wife of Ozarks Minutemen founder in Springfield, Missouri accidentally shot herself when grabbing her husband’s gun. She claimed three Hispanic men broke into her home, raped and shot her.
  394. Black Firefighter reported finding a knotted rope and a threatening note with a drawing of a noose. He made both and placed them in the firehouse.
  395. Black student at Hightower High School in Missouri City taped signs over a drinking fountain that read “white” and “colored”.
  396. Jewish student at George Washington University drew swastika on her own doorm room door.
  397. Girl in Germany lied about being attacked by four neo-Nazis who carved a swastika on her hip.
  398. Black Man Hung Noose Around Tupac Statue in Georgia
  399. Former Air America host Randi Rhodes fell and hurt herself and claimed conservatives had beaten her because of her political views. Police later found the mugging never happened.
  400. Noose at office door of Columbia Teachers College professor, who was actively being investigated for plagiarism, was placed by herself
  401. Anti-Muslim posters at George Washington University were actually placed by liberal activists to mock conservatives.
  402. Black employee of the Port Authority of Allegheny County, Pennsylvania hung a black baby doll with racial slurs written on it in a garage.
  403. Jewish immigrant blanketed his Brooklyn, New York neighborhood with swastikas.
  404. Black man in Anoka, Minnesota burned a cross on his own front lawn and lied about it to police.
  405. Black woman in West Virginia who claimed she was abducted, raped and tortured by several white people because she was black later recanted her story. She had dated one of the assailants, although some of the details were true.
  406. Year long wave of neo-Nazi attacks in Israel was the work of a group of Jewish teenagers.
  407. Culprits behind racist and vulgar graffiti such as “KKK” and “Gay Pride” in Charles County, Maryland were four black teens and one white one.
  408. White man who shot himself with a nail gun in Gloucester, England claimed he was attacked by black teens.
  409. Jewish lawyer who got a speeding ticket in Queens, New York and lied about the officer calling him a “Jew kike”.
  410. Black man in Jackson, Mississippi burned a cross and left a notebook filled with racial slurs.
  411. Mexican day laborer in Rancho Cucamonga, California lied that white men had kidnapped him and taken him to Mexico. The press were quick to blame the Minutemen, until he confessed the kidnapping never happened.
  412. Gay student at Minnesota State University, Moorhead claimed he was beaten and had anti-gay slurs yelled at him. He later confessed that he had just gotten in a fight and it had nothing to do with him being gay.
  413. Black student at Anderson High School in California was responsible for notes left around campus containing swastikas and “KKK” written on them. She had written them to get back at her dad for not picking her up.
  414. Racist graffiti containing “white power” and “KKK” written at Dr. Gustavus Brown Elementary School in La Plata, Maryland was the work of several interracial students whose backgrounds included white, black, Hispanic and Asian.
  415. Gay Man Died From Spinal Injury. Press Claimed He Was Attacked In A Homophobic Hate Crime, Without Evidence.
  416. Gay man in Detroit told relatives his head wound was from an anti-gay attack, moments before he died. His death was used to pass hate crimes legislation. Medical examiners later determined there was no attack, and the head injury was due to falling down.
  417. A 15-year-old Sikh boy from Edinburgh Scotland who claimed he had his hair cut off by racist thugs has admitted he made the attack up.
  418. Asian man said he was kidnapped, robbed, and taken to a Reynoldsburg, Ohio restaurant which was set on fire and had anti-Chinese graffiti spray painted on it. He later admitted the owner paid him to stage it for insurance fraud.
  419. Brother of Arab restaurant owner in Vancouver, Washington set his business on fire and spray painted “KKK” and “Die Arab scum” on the walls. Investigators found it was insurance fraud.
  420. Lesbian woman in Ada, Oklahoma lied about being attacked by two men because she was gay, carved the word “lesbian” in her own arm.
  421. Six imams were removed from a flight, and claimed it was because they were Muslim. Investigators determined it was because of very suspicious behavior, and the passenger who warned the flight staff spoke Arabic and could understand what they were saying.
  422. South African fuel company, Engen, slams hoax racist email campaign
  423. Black student at Seymour Highschool in Connecticut wrote “Whites only” near a drinking fountain.
  424. Black student at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania used another student’s email account to send racist and threatening emails to about 20 other black students.
  425. Gay student at Boise State University, Idaho lied about being beaten because he was gay. Police later found the wounds were self-inflicted.
  426. Black man sent threats signed from the KKK to officials in the southern Illinois community of O’Fallon.
  427. Jewish Binghamton University student admits ‘racist’ and Anti-Semitic graffiti to “raise awareness.”
  428. Jewish University of New Hampshire student claimed she was grabbed and pushed by two men who made derogatory comments about Jews and talked about Nazism. Police found the event never happened.
  429. Black man in Petaluma claimed he was attacked by three white men because he was black, and that they yelled racial slurs at him. Police later found he injured himself wrestling while drunk.
  430. Indian immigrant professor at Case Western Reserve University claimed she received racially charged hate mail from her co-workers between 2006 and 2007. She later confessed to the FBI she sent the letters to herself, spent six months in jail and was deported to India.
  431. Muslim sandwich shop owner in Xenia, Ohio repeatedly attempted to burn down his own store for insurance fraud, and blamed each attempt on anti-Muslim hate. He eventually succeeded in burning the store, himself and his son to death.
  432. Black Penn State student found dead with 93 stab wounds and the word “N*GGER” written on the wall in his own blood, assumed to be perpetrated by white people. His black friend was later found guilty of committing the crime for money.
  433. Indian family in Wayne, New Jersey who had racist graffiti spray painted all over their home was shocked to learn the culprit was their son.
  434. Twelve-year old black child in Ansonia, Connecticut claimed he was abducted by men in white robes and had a flammable liquid sprayed on his face. Police found that he had accidentally set himself on fire.
  435. Black stripper falsely accused the Lacrosse team at Duke University of raping her.
  436. Black woman distributed fliers in her apartment complex that read “KKK Congratulates Gang Bangers for Slaughter of Black People”.
  437. Black family in Powhatan, Virginia spray painted anti-black slurs and “white power” on their own home.
  438. Cartoons with negative depictions of Mohammed which were circulated throughout the middle east were actually created and taken there by Muslim leaders in Denmark.
  439. North Carolina man claimed robbed and assaulted with a rock after two men found out he was gay. Police charged with filing false report.
  440. Black man moved all of his furniture out of his house, spray painted misspelled racial slurs and backward swastikas on the wall, and set the house on fire. Investigators quickly determined it was insurance fraud because he was behind on his bills.
  441. Middle eastern man in New York caught on video carving a swastika on his own apartment building.
  442. Gay couple in Lakeland, Florida set their own home on fire and spray painted “die fag” on the steps. Investigators found it was an attempted insurance fraud.
  443. Burnt Koran found in a bag in front of the Islamic Center of Blacksburg, Virginia was placed there by a Muslim man who said it had been burned in a house fire and wanted it to be properly disposed of.
  444. Black teen in Doyline, Louisiana lied about being abducted by two white men at gunpoint from his home.
  445. 17 year-old Sikh teen in Richmond, British Columbia claimed he was beaten by five white males, who yelled racial slurs, robbed him and cut his hair. Police later found the attack never happened and he cut his own hair but was afraid to tell his parents.
  446. Lesbian Tamalpais High School student lied about being pelted with eggs and having her car vandalized. She also spray painted the words “Die Fag” on her school’s wall.
  447. Black pastor at the Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Summerville, South Carolina set their own church on fire.
  448. Black man broke into a white student’s apartment at the University of Delaware, then raped and strangled her. He painted “KKK” and “white power” on the walls in an attempt to frame white people.
  449. Black student at Trinity International University sent threatening letters to black and latino students.
  450. Son of interracial couple in Everett, Washington severely vandalized own home and wrote “fag”, “whore” and “KKK” inside.
  451. Muslim traveler claimed he couldn’t board a flight at LAX because he was on the terrorist watch list. He actually missed his flight and was briefly detained because his name was the same as someone else on the list, then was sent on his way once it was cleared up.
  452. Kill list circulated at Laredo Middle school in Colorado targeting black students was found to be made by a black student.
  453. Missouri man lied that two people attacked him, cut his stomach, branded him with a hot knife and carved the word “Fag” in his forehead. He later confessed the injuries were self inflicted.
  454. Black teacher at Peterstown School No. 3 in New Jersey wrote himself and two other black teachers racist Thanksgiving greetings cards so he could say he felt threatened and transfer to another school.
  455. President of the Brevard, Florida chapter of the National Organization for Women lied about being raped in a bathroom at Rollings College by two men.
  456. Hateful messages including a swastika and “I hate minorities” scrawled across the College of Wooster ended up being a hoax perpetrated by liberal activists.
  457. Jewish community center in Paris, France had swasitkas spray painted on it and was set on fire. Police arrested a Jewish man for doing it.
  458. Middle eastern meat market owner in McAllen, Texas set his own business on fire and blamed it on anti-Muslim hate.
  459. Muslim Pakistani immigrant painted Christian crosses and anti-Arab graffiti on his own business in Everett, Washington and set it on fire, framing it as an anti-Muslim hate crime when it was actually just insurance fraud.
  460. Woman in Paris, France claimed she was beaten on a train, then had her clothes slashed, a swastika drawn on her, her hair cut, and finally robbed by a group of Arab and African men because they thought she was Jewish. Police later found she fabricated the entire incident.
  461. The head of French friends of Israel’s Likud Party admitted staging anti-Semitic phone calls to himself.
  462. Professor at Clairemont McKenna college in California vandalized her own care and wrote racial slurs on it. She was convicted of attempted insurance fraud and filing a false police report.
  463. Black students at the University of Louisville, Kentucky distributed white supremacist literature.
  464. Hispanic man in Des Moines, Iowa burned cars and spray painted racist graffiti all over the home of the Hispanic family he was living with.
  465. British freelance journalist wrote a story of seeing a gathering of neo-Nazis at a bar in Wales. He later admitted the bar didn’t exist and the story was fabricated.
  466. Transvestite in Manhattan, New York cut off his own penis and told police a cab driver had done it because he hated transexuals.
  467. Three foot tall swastika and the words “Die Jews” were spray painted at Northwestern University by a Jewish student.
  468. Latino student at Northwestern University lied about seeing “Die spic” written on a poster next to his door. He also claimed someone held a knife to his neck and whispered, “Spic, we didn’t run away this time” four days later.
  469. Mixed race couple in Idaho placed a cross in their yard, spray painted racial slurs on their barn and set their own home on fire in an attempt to stage a hate crime to collect insurance money.
  470. Black student at San Francisco State University wrote racial slurs on her own dorm room door, and also slipped a note under her door.
  471. Jewish man in Macomb County, Michigan spray painted a swastika on a building and blamed it on someone he was in a business dispute with.
  472. Sikh store worker cut off own hair and stole $5,600 in robbery/hate crime hoax
  473. Black couple in Turner County, Georgia had their house burned down and covered with racial epithets. Police later found they had set the blaze themselves, and did the same thing two years earlier.
  474. Black coast guardsman admitted to placing a note with a racial slur in his car.
  475. White student at Bethel Seminary in Minnesota painted swastikas and derogatory statements toward black people on his own pickup truck and lied that someone else did it.
  476. Investigators found that a racial epithet written on a black student’s door at Gonzaga University was actually left there by a friend seeking attention.
  477. Stabbing of Rabbi in Paris, France by Muslims suspected by police to be a self inflicted hoax.
  478. Couple in Klein, Texas claimed their house was burned with racial graffiti spray painted on it. Police later found it to be insurance fraud.
  479. Black students at the University of Mississippi put a noose in a tree with a hanging stick figure and wrote “Fucking N*gger” and “Fucking Hoe N*gger”, then blamed it on white people.
  480. Hispanic woman and her black boyfriend spray painted “No N*ggers Allowed” on the Las Vegas, Nevada home they were renting to avoid eviction.
  481. Muslim Pakistani immigrant motel owner in Herber City, Utah set fire to his own motel and tried to blame it on a man who was seeking revenge for for the 9/11 attacks.
  482. Football player Brian Banks was falsely accused of rape and spent five years in jail. His name was not cleared for a total of ten years.
  483. Muslim owner of a Halal food store in Cleveland, Ohio planned to hire an arsonist to burn his store in an insurance fraud and stage it as an anti-Muslim hate crime.
  484. Black lesbian in Denver, Colorado claimed she was attacked in her home by two white men and had “dyke” carved on her left arm and “R.I.P.” on her stomach. Police later said she refused a polygraph and the wounds were not inflicted against her will.
  485. Former Police Officer Painted a Swastika On His Home And Pretended To Chase The Criminal Away, And Also Reported and Committed Dozens Of Other Fake Crimes
  486. Middle-Eastern Man (College Professor) Falsely Claimed He Was Kidnapped At Gun Point
  487. Black bus driver in Kansas City, Kansas sent threatening letters with racial slurs to other black bus drivers, as well as herself and her husband.
  488. Muslim man burned his own print business in Anchorage, Alaska and spray panted “We hate Arabs” on the wall. Later convicted for fraud.
  489. Indian man in UK killed his father, mother and sister then spray painted racist graffiti on the walls to frame the crime as a burglary.
  490. Saudi Arabian Muslim student at Arizona State University lied about being attacked shortly after the 9/11 attacks because he was Muslim.
  491. White Iowa State University student lied about four black men raping her.
  492. Black woman claimed she was abducted and raped by two white men who then carved “KKK” into her chest. She later confessed to carving the letters herself.
  493. Filipino man murdered his parents and sister for inheritance money in Sydney, Australia and tried to frame it as a hate crime by spray painting “Fuck of Asians. KKK” on the wall.
  494. Olympic Athlete’s ex-boyfriend staged hoax race attack
  495. Black woman in White Bear Lake, Minnesota stole a van from a group home where she worked and crashed it. She later vandalized it with racist graffiti to cover up the crime.
  496. Man arrested on arson, fraud charges. Racial epithets were found spray-painted in the ruins of his burned-out home.
  497. Hospital employee who claimed discrimination, sent faked hate mail to himself and others
  498. Gay student at the College of New Jersey sent death threats and anti-gay messages to a campus gay student group.
  499. Asian store owner in Carmarthenshire, Wales had her shop burned down with swastikas spray painted on it. A jury found she set the blaze herself in an attempted insurance fraud.
  500. Man Falsely Claimed He Was Beaten, Robbed and Threatened Because He Was Homosexual
  501. 15 Year Old Jewish Girl Lied About Being Attacked By Man With Swastika Tattoo Outside Her Jewish School
  502. Jewish teacher in Verona, Italy lied about being beaten by neo-Nazis and having a swastika spray painted on his door.
  503. Black couple filed a lawsuit which claimed they were discriminated against at a Denny’s restaurant in Florida. Video surveillance showed they were treated just like everyone else and the lawsuit was withdrawn.
  504. Kansas City Water Department employees regularly swore and made racial jokes in the workplace. Nobody except the only white female supervisor in the office had a lawsuit filed against her, much of which couldn’t be corroborated.
  505. Pakistani man in Newcastlye upon Tyne, UK claimed his store was bombed by racist skinhead gangs in his area. Police later found he set off the bomb himself for insurance money.
  506. A racist letter in the Spokane Community College newsletter, signed “Whitey” which lead to campus protests was actually written by the staff.
  507. Black man in Kings Heath, Birmingham, UK lied to police about being set on fire by a group of white men. Police later determined he burned himself while trying to set his car on fire for insurance fraud.
  508. Black woman in Huntersville, North Carolina set her own car on fire and spray painted racist graffiti on her garage.
  509. Pakistani teen in Oxfordshire, UK claimed four white thugs set him on fire while yelling “You smelly Paki”. Police determined it never happened and that he was burned while trying to set a car on fire.
  510. Gay activist in Vermont set fire to his own car in a staged hate crime attempt while the state legislature was debating a bill to give gay couples the same rights as married ones.
  511. Black student at the Iowa College of Dentistry sent racist letters and bomb threads to faculty and students.
  512. Black student at Hastings University, Nebraska lied to police about being kidnapped at gunpoint and dropped off in a remote area because of his race.
  513. White boyfriend of black olympic athlete in the UK stabbed himself four times and claimed it was an attack by neo-Nazis because of his interracial relationship.
  514. Gay man found bound, gagged and sexually assaulted on the side of highway 101 in Santa Clara, California investigated as a hate crime. Police found he made up the story to hide the fact he had a gay threesome in a hotel the night before while his male partner was out of town.
  515. Black teen in Lancaster, California claimed he was beaten by three skinheads. He later admitted to police he had gotten in a fight with two other black high school acquaintances.
  516. University of Massachusetts student lied about being attacked by a man who sliced her face with a knife. Police later found she had sliced her own face.
  517. Black state worker in Albany, New York left hate filled notes saying “kill all n*ggers because they don’t belong here” and signed “KKK” on the office doors of two black state legislators.
  518. Black man in San Francisco, California lied about being kidnapped, bound and gagged, and dropped off at Buena Vista Park. He also used a broken piece of glass to carve a swastika on his chest.
  519. Black graduate student at Bowling Green State University, Ohio claimed she was getting threatening, racially-charged emails. After an FBI investigation, she admitted she sent the emails to herself.
  520. Black man in Baytown, Texas claimed his house was robbed and spray painted with racial slurs. The stolen items were found in 2004 while he was committing another fraud.
  521. Spokane Community College Student Newspaper Apologizes for Fake Racist Letter From “Whitey”
  522. Gay resident advisor at the University of Georgia claimed he was the victim of nine hate crimes over three years. Police found all were fake.
  523. Two black students at Miami University, Ohio left anti-black and anti-gay messages around the Center for Black Culture and Learning on campus.
  524. Lesbian student at St. Cloud State University, Minnesota lied about two men attacking her in a parking lot, while shouting anti-gay slurs.
  525. African-American Man Lied About Home Ransacked and Spray Painted with “KKK” and White Power”
  526. Black man in Louisiana claimed three white men in a truck dragged him for over two blocks because of his race. He later confessed it was a crack deal gone bad.
  527. Educator Apologizes for False Account of Lynching
  528. First black man admitted to the University of Alabama told a story many times over the years about his uncle being hanged and burned by the KKK in the 1950s. He eventually recanted and said only a relative had been beaten.
  529. Police Officer DiBartolo, the 18-year veteran Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputy, faked a robbery, shot his wife, and then himself with her gun. At trial he claimed that two black men had mugged him and his wife and shot his wife in the head and then himself in his abdomen. He was convicted in 1997 of killing his wife and sentenced to 26 years in prison.
  530. White student at Guilford College in North Carolina claimed she was knocked out and had “N*gger lover” written on her chest. Police said she had no evidence it took place and she refused a lie detector test and eventually apologized while insisting it actually happened.
  531. Lesbian who claimed she was beaten and tied up twice by a home intruder actually paid a friend $350 to administer the beating. Her story was used to gain support for a hate crime bill.
  532. Black judge claimed for 30 years that his brother had been shot by white men in a racist attack during their youth. Investigators found he had stolen the real story from someone else of the same name.
  533. Two black students at Duke University hung a black baby doll from a tree with a noose.
  534. Two Hispanic Teens Lied About Being Attacked By Confederate Flag-Toting Racists And Were Doused With Gasoline To Cover Up That They Tourched Their Own Car
  535. African American Woman Damaged Her Home to Defraud Insurance Company Claimed Faked Race-Based Attack
  536. Lesbian graduate student at Eastern New Mexico University distributed anti-gay fliers attributed to a fictitious group named Fist of God. She later admitted to staging the hoax.
  537. Drugging, beating and drowning of half-Iraqi boy in Sebnitz, Germany was claimed by his parents to be the result of 50 neo-Nazi skinheads. Investigators found the parents paid witnesses to make false statements.
  538. A group of nine black and Chinese patrons at a Denny’s restaurant in Syracuse, New York claimed they were beaten by white patrons while security stood by. Investigators found they were drunk, disorderly, asked to leave and started the fight themselves.
  539. Orthodox Jew planted a pipe bomb at the Jacksonville Jewish Center hours before the Prime Minister of Israel was scheduled to speak there.
  540. Black family in Coatesville, Pennsylvania had rocks with racial slurs written on them thrown through their windows. Police later found it was their son who did it.
  541. Black student from Chicago at William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul, Minnesota sent racist hate mail under the UPS logo from 1996 – 1997 in an effort to extort $500,000 from UPS.
  542. A Latino Teenager Falsely Claimed Four Skinheads Beat Him Up
  543. Couple in Jonesboro, Georgia claimed the arson of their house was due to a hate crime. Police later found it was insurance fraud and that they had been committing fraud for many years.
  544. Red swastikas were painted on eight barracks rooms occupied by African-American Special Operations soldiers at Fort Bragg were found to be placed there by an African-American soldier
  545. Fliers for KKK Rally at the Beach was a Hoax
  546. Fire in a hostel for asylum seekers in Luebeck, Germany that killed 10 was assumed to be the work of white racists. Instead it was set by a Lebanese immigrant who lived there.
  547. White man told police three black men broke into him home, assaulted everyone, and burned house down, killing two people. He lied and plead guilty.
  548. Iranian immigrant in Fargo, North Dakota claimed assailants carved a swastika in her stomach and burned down her family’s restaurant. Police found she staged the attack as an insurance fraud.
  549. Employee of the Jewish Hillel Community Day School in North Miami Beach, Florida paid vandals to paint swastikas and anti-Semitic graffiti on the school. Police found it was part of a kickback scheme for the repairs.
  550. African-American Student at the University of Iowa Reported to Police that his Mercedes-Benz had been Spray Painted with Racist Graffiti. Police Found It was Insurance Fraud to Get a New Paint Job.
  551. An East Northport woman who claimed a black man slashed her face on SUNY’s Old Westbury campus yesterday admitted she made up the whole story.
  552. White man in the Trenton, New Jersey area told authorities that he saw a Black man abducting a White girl whose mouth had been bound with duct tape. Five hours later it was determined that the story was a hoax.
  553. Orlando Magic player Anthony Avent, a black man, filed a false police report of a slashing, claiming that three white men had attacked him.
  554. Black man in Williamsport, Pennsylvania sent racist letters to the wardens of three prisons and signed them “KKK”.
  555. White woman in South Carolina claimed a black man carjacked her car with her two sons inside and drove it into a lake, killing them. Police later found she rolled the car into a lake herself while her sons were inside.
  556. Woman admits 1994 Reedsport hate crime fire was insurance scam
  557. Three gay tenants in Tacoma, Washington reported their apartment was severely vandalized, had swastikas and death threats spray painted on the walls, and had a brick thrown through the window with “get out fags” written on it. Police found it was insurance fraud.
  558. German documentarian showed KKK members in white robes burning a cross and making anti-Semitic remarks. German Authorities sentenced him to four years in prison when they found he had paid his friends to dress up.
  559. Two white women got into a fight and went to the police and said concocted a story that a black male intruder had viciously attacked her and her 71-year-old mother-in-law in their suburban New Jersey home
  560. Jewish mayoral candidate for New Orleans, Louisiana was behind anti-Semitic and anti-black flyers sent out. Sympathy for him as a result of the flyers netted his campaign $200,000.
  561. White woman made up story of ATM Robbery and told the police that the gunman (with a tall Afro haircut) and his three companions were black.
  562. Teens who spray painted anti-Semitic graffiti on a house in West Rogers Park, Illinois were trying to cover up a previous burglary rather than committing a hate crime.
  563. 17-year-old Berlin girl claimed neo-Nazis carved a swastika into her face, but it was a hoax
  564. 15-year old girl from Athens Greece claimed right-wing extremists carved a swastika on her forehead. Medical examiner concluded given the way it was carved, it couldn’t have been done against her will.
  565. A group of students at Oberlin College publicly and falsely identified an innocent freshman as “Rapist of the Month”.
  566. Black main who claimed he was set on fire by two white stranded motorists eventually died. Police said they found no such assailants and he possibly set himself on fire.
  567. Albany NY Mayor’s son, who is african-american, linked to false hate crime report. Claimed tires slashed and racist note left.
  568. Black student at Encinal Elementary School in San Jose, California claimed ten white and Hispanic boys beat him because of his race. He later admitted to inflicting the beating on himself.
  569. Yonkers police sergeant convicted of concocting story blaming fictitious black man for assault of another officer
  570. Jewish couple in Cooper City, Florida staged a burglary on their own home and spray painted swastikas in an attempt to commit insurance fraud.
  571. Feminist student at the University of Hawaii falsely accused her religious studies professor of raping her after she got a bad grade on one of her papers.
  572. African American Woman, Who In Total Reported More Than 20 Hate Crimes, Staged a Cross Burning On Her Own Lawn And Swastika Painted On Her House
  573. Woman in Spring Hill, Kansas wrote racist graffiti on her house and was charged with filing a false police report.
  574. Harvard Law professor said several female students had told him they were considering filing charges against him for sexual harassment based on his classroom content, rather than anything he had actually done.
  575. Black student at Williams College posted notes containing racial slurs on the door of the black student union building.
  576. A 14-year-old girl who claimed a swastika was cut into her face in November 1992 later admitted having fabricated the story.
  577. Portland Sheriff’s Sergeant Charged After She Burned A Cross On Her Own Lawn and Made 17 Different Hate-Crime Reports
  578. Lesbian, black, wheelchair-bound woman in Portland, Oregon claimed vandals had placed a wooden cross in a flower pot on her porch and set it alight, while also spray painting swastikas and “Burn, N*gger, Burn” on her house. Police showed video evidence of her setting the fire herself.
  579. White husband in Milwaukee, Wisconsin killed his wife with a knife and also stabbed himself. He claimed the attacker was black. A jury later found he had committed the murder.
  580. Black man in Brooklyn, New York made up a story about five white men beating him and calling him “n*gger” in an effort to get attention.
  581. White man in Staten Island, New York who was trying to sell his home burned it down and spray painted “NOW sell to n***ers” on the inside walls.
  582. Anonymous C.J., a carrier of the AID’s virus who goes around infecting black men on purpose, is a hoax by a 15 year old and 29 year old.
  583. Hoax prankster sent faxes claiming auditions for the KKK symphony orchestra
  584. A hoax flyer in Harlem said Tropical Fantasy was part of a Ku Klux Klan scheme to ‘make you sterile.
  585. Latino neighbor killed Italian woman in Manhattan, New York and left a note referencing the KKK.
  586. Jewish man in Concord, California had an ongoing dispute with his Muslim neighbor and staged 10 anti-Semitic attacks against himself and blamed them on his neighbor. He also claimed an additional 12 attacks were real.
  587. Tombstones at the Home of Peace Jewish Cemetery in East Los Angeles, California were vandalized with spray painted swastikas by a Hispanic man who owned a security firm who wanted the contract for patrolling the cemetery.
  588. Feminist activist at Princeton University lied about being raped and blamed it on a specific man.
  589. Debt laden Jewish couple in Germantown, Maryland reported their home was vandalized with swastikas spray painted on the walls, clothing slashed, and “Jew Boy” spray painted on their son’s mirror. Police charged them with insurance fraud, and although they were acquitted, it was highly suspicious.
  590. Black couple in Fayetteville, Georgia set their house on fire and claimed it was a race-based attack.
  591. Arab man in Detroit, Michigan burned down his own Dairy Queen in an insurance fraud scheme and blamed it on anti-Arab sentiment due to the Gulf War.
  592. Black man in San Diego, California lied about skinheads beating him on Martin Luther King day while police refused to help.
  593. Yakima, Washington man shot off his own leg on purpose to end the pain of a previous injury and blamed it on a fictitious Mexican attacker.
  594. White student at George Washington University lied about being raped by two black men at knife point.
  595. Asian student at the University of Washington claimed he was attacked by skinheads because of his race. His story fell apart and police later found he was involved in a bank robbery and was likely trying to cover it up.
  596. Four black men were arrested for burning a cross on a black families lawn
  597. Black owner of a clothing store in Kansas City, Missouri set it on fire and blamed it on racists. She was convicted of insurance fraud.
  598. Black student at Emory University reported receiving racially motivated hate mail and death threats. Police later found she staged the events herself.
  599. Prosecutor made up lie about shootout and high speed chase with two black men. Said it could be terrorists, drug-dealers, or maybe the KKK.
  600. White Man Murdered his Wife and Blamed a Black Man. Soon After the Fake Accusation He Jumped Off a Bridge to his Death.
  601. White woman concocted robbery, beating and abduction at an ATM by 3 black men after supposedly being hit in the head with a bat
  602. Ohio State University White woman falsely claimed she was raped by a black man.
  603. White man in Boston, Massachussetts shot himself and his wife in their car and claimed a black man had done it. His wife died, and he was found to have killed her to collect on a life insurance policy.
  604. Lesbian Minister falsely claimed anti-gay attack by skinheads who cut an inscription into her chest.
  605. Lesbian Reverend falsely claimed she was violently attacked at her home with a shovel and her assailants wrote “Kill You F*gs” on her wall.
  606. TV show host Morton Downey Jr claimed skinheads drew a swastika on his face in a bathroom at SFO airport. The swastika was backward and a witness inside the bathroom saw no such event take place.
  607. Tanya Dacri a White Philadelphia mother of an infant boy a White Philadelphia mother of an infant boy, claimed black men kidnapped her 2-year old son, when in reality she murdered her baby and dismembered him
  608. Black professor angered when her student wasn’t reprimanded for racist term paper, so she took excerpts of term paper, which contained racist slurs, and sent it to 12 black students and faculty members to frame him
  609. Northwest Missouri State University Student Lied About Racists Threats and Attack
  610. Jewish woman in favor of building low income housing in Yonkers, New York staged death threats via phone and spray painted swastikas outside her apartment door.
  611. Former president of the Jewish Student Union at the State University of New York, Binghamton drew swastikas and “Kill Kikes”, “Zionazi Racist” a door leading to the building.
  612. Dutch Actor claimed he had been seized by two men and a woman who forced him into a sewer tunnel, bound him, ripped his Star of David chain from his neck and daubed a swastika on his chest.
  613. Kenyan President claim KKK plot against African Nations
  614. Black woman in New York named Tawana Brawley falsely accused four white men of raping her, throwing her in a trash bag, writing racial slurs on her body in charcoal and rubbing feces on her.
  615. Black mayor of Portsmouth, Virginia linked with racist letters sent to community leaders.
  616. Widely reported story of a group of black students beaten by a white mob at Columbia University was in fact the opposite as verified by 22 eye witnesses. A fight between a white and a black student ended up with the white students being violently beaten by the black students.
  617. April Fools Prank by five students, one black and two latino, at Jefferson Junior High School in Oceanside paraded around campus in white sheets during a lunch break
  618. Tufts Pres.: Student Lied About Racial Attack. Claimed he was attacked for being Jewish and for his progressive views on racial topics
  619. Jewish man threw rocks through the windows of 21 Jewish-owned shops in Brooklyn, New York.
  620. Two Jewish teens spray painted anti-Semitic graffiti across 51 apartment doors in The Bronx, New York.
  621. Black man set fire to crosses on the lawns of interracial couples in Bensalem, Pennsylvania.
  622. Black student at Middlebury College spent two weeks affixing racist notes to his door and breaking his own window.
  623. Jewish teen burned two Synagogues, a rabbi’s house and the house of a Jewish state representative in West Hartford, Connecticut.
  624. Jewish student at Basel Medical School in Switzerland was behind a month long campaign of anti-Semitic graffiti, letters and phone calls at the school.
  625. Tiger Woods’ kindergarten teacher Maureen Decker says golfer made up childhood racial attack story
  626. Lebanese student claimed 3 men mistook him for Iranian and beat him up, when in reality he was ashamed that his brother had hit him and gave him the black eyes.
  627. Founder of the Guardian Angles admitted lying about numerous events from 1978 – 1980, including someone spray painting “KKK” and “White Power” outside the group’s headquarters.
  628. Jewish teen in New York made a burning swastika on his Jewish neighbor’s lawn.
  629. Two Black Students at Amherst Are Suspended in Cross Burning
  630. Middle Eastern woman set fire to herself and her restaurant. She claimed it was a hate crime.
  631. A black woman fabricated story of a gang of black attackers abducted her and her white husband.
  632. Two white teens made up story about being burned by black youths. In reality they bought a can of glue and it accidentally exploded when a match got close to it.
  633. Mother Kills Daughter, Fakes Hate Note Claiming Hatred of White People
  634. Fake Hate Literature Circulated Claiming Knights of Columbus Required Members Take Oath to Destroy Protestantism

Why I Made This Website.

The world is the safest its ever been.

Bullying and violence in schools is at its lowest levels.

I am grateful, as a Jewish guy in my 30’s who grew up in New Jersey, to have lived in the safest country and safest time in the history of the world for people like me.

The story tellers on T.V. might benefit from your freight and despair. But it is not based in reality.

There are real crimes committed by people who are motivated by a sense of hate towards people from other communities. But they are few and far between, and they are resoundingly condemned by pretty much everyone that matters.

Don’t let the pessimists mislead you and ruin your outlook on life. When the Demand for Hate Crimes Outweighs the Supply…

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