Fact-Check on the Biden Family’s Money Trail

About $3 million moved from China to the United States, and over $1 million ended up in Biden family accounts. Hunter Biden’s business deals are coming under renewed scrutiny. A new memo names three Biden family members, with a fourth bank account named “Biden” receiving Chinese funds as well. The House Oversight Committee is investigating the Biden family’s business dealings with a now-bankrupt Chinese energy conglomerate. This comes amid President Joe Biden’s promises to take a harsher stance on China. Critics call it a potential conflict of interest.
Topics in this episode:

Fact-Check on the Biden Family’s Money Trail
Check on Hunter Biden’s China Links
Exiled Chinese Businessman Arrested in New York
$1.3/Hour: China Workers Struggle With Few Jobs, Low Wages
Honduras President to Seek China Relations Could Mean Giving Up Taiwan
Saint Lucia, Micronesia Side with Taiwan
Australia, Fiji Meet for Nuclear Submarine Talks
Religion Is the Only Entity That Can Stand Up to the Chinese Communist Party: Brownback

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