EXCLUSIVE: The Lancet Study on Hydroxychloroquine Was a COMPLETE FRAUD – The Authors are Linked to the Pharmaceutical Industry and People Died Because of Their Lies!

The Lancet Medical Journal pulled away on the hydroxychloroquine research that was contentious and found.
The analysis published by Lancet branded –“Hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine with or without a macrolide for treatment of COVID-19: a multinational registry evaluation” —  has been retracted after it had been discovered to be a comprehensive fraud.
Reuters reported:

A powerful study that found hydroxychloroquine increased the possibility of death in COVID-19 patients continues to be pulled a week later after it resulted in major trials being prevented, adding to confusion about a malaria medication championed by U.S. President Donald Trump.
The analysis was pulled by the Lancet medical journal after several of its writers articulates it, citing concerns. The World Health Organization (WHO) will resume its hydroxychloroquine trials following pausing them in the wake of the analysis. Dozens of trials have resumed or are in process.
The 3 writers said Surgisphere, the company that provided the data, would not move the dataset for an independent inspection and they”can no longer vouch for its veracity of the key data sources.”

The co-authors of this study are linked to the industry.
Mandeep Mehra, Sapan Desai and Frank Ruschitzka Patel

This incident is much worse than has been reported by the media.
The Lancet study’s objective was to make skepticism and uncertainty on the usage of hydroxychloroquine to see to the coronavirus.
The HCQ showed enormous success in studies across the globe.  Plus it had been promoted by President Trump.  HCQ is a cheap medication that has been in existence for decades.
Therefore this Lancet Study’s whole goal was to lie about the abilities of the drug so as to promote more costly pharmaceutical alternatives.  And, naturally, they writers also knew they’d embarass President Trump in the process.
Why is this sinister is how thousands or hundreds of individuals may have been spared from HCQ’s usage but died from coronavirus instead.  
The writers had no respect for the thousands or those suffering that could perish.  There concern was to earn a profit from an choice that is costly.
And the media ran with it.
The Lancet Study on hydroxychloroquine was fabricated.
We now have evidence that the whole study was a complete fraud.
The Gateway Pundit acquired a copy of author Sapan Desai’s dictionary which has been used to”manufacture” the data for its hyroxychloroquine study.
Here’s a copy of the dictionary, through Yacoov Apebbaum.
Notice the text to the spreadsheet are notes to correct the data to match their decision.

And here is much more on the author his company Surgisphere that published the study that is deceptive and Sapan Desai.
He resides in Chicago with his wife.

Kikki Desai and sapan Desai reside in a mansion at the Chicago suburbs.

Sapan Desai made up the characters in the report.  Not one of the data was according to hospital records.  They got published in major scientific journals with no peer review and have foraged the amounts.
The funding source for the newspaper was a major US.
These writers knew exactly what they were doing.  Many died for their research that was faulty that they knew was garbage.
So are these writers be brought to justice?
Hat Tip Yaacov Apelbaum for his or her assistance.

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