EXCLUSIVE: Professor’s Policy Offering Students ‘Extra Credit’ for Getting Vaccinated Quickly Pulled by University After Being Contacted

An “Assignment Details” post by a Florida university professor that offered 10 “extra Credit” points for students who got COVID-19 vaccines was quickly pulled by the university the day after being contacted by The Epoch Times. In a screenshot of the Assignment Details posted at 6:17 p.m. on Jan. 10 by Professor Dianna Taylor for her Introduction to Leadership classes at the University of North Florida, obtained exclusively by The Epoch Times, 10 “Extra credit” points were offered to students who get COVID-19 vaccinations by midnight on April 30, 2022. “Yay! Congratulations on doing the right thing and obtaining your COVID vaccination,” Taylor’s post stated. “A leader is aware of the wellbeing of others and the responsibilities of leadership have taken on an even deeper meaning as our colleagues, families, and workforces find themselves in an unfamiliar environment.” The statement concludes by saying: “I am so proud of your decision …

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