EXCLUSIVE Donations Including International Funding to BlackLivesMattercom Go Directly to the DNC This Is Money Laundering seems to become an international money laundering scheme utilized by the Democrats to raise money from an international audience.

Black Lives Matter describes itself on its”” site as a worldwide organization:

The Wikipedia site clarifies Lives Issue as:

BLM holds protests talking out against police brutality and police killings of folks, and wider issues like racial profiling, and inequality in america criminal justice program. [1]

So we all know for certain that BLM is a”worldwide” /”global” network since they admit this.
When you click on the”Donate” button you’re sent to an”ActBlue” contributions page:

You are able to even read that the contributions are being made to ActBlue from the fine print.

ActBlue asserts to become tax exempt organization and all contributions to it will be tax-deductable.  The terms and conditions also relate to ActBlue and mention”Campaign Finance Laws”:
When you investigate the expenses of ActBlue, All Their contributions are going to DNC campaigns:

Act Blue is not a charity. 
It seems to become an financing arm of the DNC. 
(Do all the people around the world know that when they donate to Dark Lives Issue, they’re actually committing into the Democrat Party?)
It’s against regulations to funnel global currency into US elections. 
It is not legal and is a violation of campaign donation laws.
This is only another corrupt wing of the Democrat Party.
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