Everyone Should Reduce Energy Consumption Amid Crisis, UK Chancellor Says

UK Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has urged people to reduce their energy consumption so that Britain is not susceptible to disruptions in international energy supplies.
Talking to the Treasury Committee of the House of Commons on Nov. 23, Hunt warned that people will “have to take responsibility for their energy bills” and reduce their usage or there will be a “huge additional burden on taxpayers.”
The government is set to spend billions of pounds on its energy support scheme, which shields households and businesses from sky-high energy prices by capping the average costs.
Hunt told the committee: “What we can do is say we’re going to help you this year with the £2,500 ($2,960) cap, we’re going to help you next year with the £3,500 ($3,500) cap, we’re going to help you conserve the energy you use and for the poorest people we’ll try and find a more effective structure….

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