EpochTV Review: How Communists Create Division to Achieve Their Goals

Commentary In this final episode of an informative special series on communism, Joshua Philipp reviews the ideological principles it is founded on, and further examines how communist messaging must create division and strife in order to achieve its desired goal. Under the system of dialectical materialism, everything in the universe amounts to “matter in motion,” meaning individual people are nothing more than a clump of physical cells. The souls, emotions, mental health, and wellbeing of human beings is not part of the communist equation. Since a communist worldview believes that progress can only be attained through struggle, its goal is to fast-track “progress” by engineering struggle. The formula for doing so is quite simple. Marxist theoretician Georgi Valentinovich Plekhanov wrote in “Dialectic and Logic” in 1928 that the communist dialectic follows three laws: to identify, to contradict, and to “exclude the middle.” First, they “identify” an issue in society. Then, …

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