Drought-Ridden California Landowners Turn to Water Witches for Help

As California’s drought continues with no relief in sight, farmers and vintners are hiring water witches to brew up some moisture. “They’re in desperate need…I am in high demand,” Rob Thompson, who uses divining rods to find underground water, told The Epoch Times. “My phone is just ringing off the hook…I’m booked out for about a month.” Farmers throughout California are desperate to find water for their crops, and Thompson said he’s been traveling up and down the state to help identify adequate areas for wells. “This really bad, this drought,” said Thompson, based in Northern California. “I’ve never seen it like this.” When calling on Thompson’s services, property owners initially help acclimatize him to the land. From there, he begins dowsing using metal rods and completes a 360-degree circle around the property. Thompson said he knows that he is near a water source when his rods cross at the …

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