Drone Photographer Snaps ‘Terrifying’ Images of Icelandic Volcano Erupting for First Time in 6,000 Years

After weeks of foreboding tremors, Icelandic officials predicted an eruption from the country’s Fagradalsfjall volcano could be “imminent.” For some 6,000 years, the fissure remained dormant, but on the evening of March 19, their predictions manifested. Located on the Reykjanes Peninsula near the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik, Fagradalsfjall has been spewing molten lava, smoke, and ash for almost three weeks. It is the first volcanic activity on the peninsula in 781 years, reports the Associated Press. Among many hoping to capture the awe-inspiring phenomenon, drone photographer Thrainn Kolbeinsson sought to take aerial images and videos of the eruption, which he has shared on his Instagram. The scenes could be described as terrifying. “Even though it might look terrifying, it’s actually strangely mesmerizing to watch this natural beauty unfold, slowly but surely,” Kolbeinsson captioned in a video series posted on March 23. “It’s hard to look away. This will take some time to …

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