“Dozens” of Scientists(TM), boiling frogs, and your daily dose of doomity-doom-doom-doom

This was just so over the top, I had to drop everything and warn you all.

Based on what “dozens” of Scientists(TM) are telling them, CNN says it’s pretty much time to bend over and kiss your asterisk good-bye.


Conditions on Earth may be moving outside the ‘safe operating space’ for humanity, according to dozens of scientists

We’re on the highway…to the danger zone.

Human actions have pushed the world into the danger zone on several key indicators of planetary health, threatening to trigger dramatic changes in conditions on Earth, according to a new analysis from 29 scientists in eight countries

Never mess with cult Scientists(TM) when they’re doing #mathz because they are serious people who rule by consensus.

Dang. Sounds really bad.

…The nine boundaries, first set out in a 2009 paper, aim to establish a set of defined “limits” on changes humans are making to the planet – from pumping out planet-heating pollution to clearing forests for farming. Beyond these limits, the theory goes, the risk of destabilizing conditions on Earth increases dramatically.

The limits are designed to be conservative, to enable society to solve the problems before reaching a “very high risk zone,” said Katherine Richardson, a professor in biological oceanography at the University of Copenhagen and a co-author on the report.

She pointed to the unprecedented summer of extreme weather the world has just experienced at 1.2 degrees Celsius of global warming.

“We didn’t think it was going to be like this at 1 degree [Celsius]” she said.

No human has experienced the conditions that we’re experiencing right now,” she added.


ZOMG – no human ever before, EVER?!

These people are so tedious.

According to Dr. Roy Spencer’s University of Alabama, Huntsville data, which he’s been plotting since 1979 (admittedly not “forever”), 2016 was still warmer than the July spike we saw this year, and 1998-99 looks to be tapping that same threshold.

But, of course, according to the Science(TM) professor quoted above, no humans were alive during those lost-in-the-ooze-of-primordial-swamp years.

Screencap Judith Curry Figure 3. Plot from Roy Spencer

For additional firepower refuting the inflammatory assertions on the state of boiling, NOAA’s (an organization with some official standing) August 2023 temperature anomaly chart was just released this morning, and…

[CUE: sad trombone]

…last month is only the 5th warmest August since they began record-keeping as humans first walked the Earth…in 2005.

Screencap WattsUpWithThat

The doomers have all convinced themselves it’s over and we are done for. Must be cheerful being around parents like that as a tyke, wouldn’t you think? Planning for the inevitable “societal collapse” as true believers means…doing what, as we hurtle towards the boiled-so-hard-we’re-now-gaseous point?


We are already on a track for mandated divestment of children, personal vehicles, warmth in winter, lights in the darkness, meat products, cheese, and any general sense of comfort in our lives. What’s left to strip away, you ask?

There’s a good push on to rid ourselves of companion animals. I’m assuming for two reasons: 1) pets need to be fed precious resources 2) so they don’t become precious resources when those resources dry up, as that would traumatize the few children left when forced to eat Bootsie for survival.

Global cultists are pragmatic that way.

They also never mention in their boiling Earth stories that cold kills nine times more people every year than heat does. Or that these newly “expensive” climate disasters are happening in the same places they always did, but those places now have 30% (witness my home state of FL) or more people living there, who have nicer houses that contain all their stuff, as well as businesses who support them.


“NOAA tracks disasters back to 1980.”

A few points:

1. US population has increased by more than one-third (~120 million) since 1980.

2. US per capita GDP increased from about $12,000 in 1980 to more than $76,000 today.

3. In a year with a lot of bad weather, there will more “billion-dollar disasters” b/c there is more a lot more stuff owned by a lot more more people available to destroy.

Adjusted for inflation, there has been no increase in damage costs because of natural disasters.

Nor do cultists and their enablers mention that the majority of the hellish, fiery inferno pictures used to illustrate their Dantesque articles are largely the direct result of forest mismanagement, coupled with arsonists working their malignant craft – not the tailpipe emissions in your 6 year old car or the incandescent bulb keeping your chickens warm.

“The sky is falling, seas are rising, frogs are boiling” is all a grift to force us under their climate cultist control. We are not in a climate emergency. But we do have some serious questions about people’s mental state, and the damage the constant pounding the globalist Green climate cult is doing to fragile psyches.


Information is power.

The more you KNOW.

What do you think?

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