Donald Trump is right and twitter wrong on mail in voting

Donald Trump is right and twitter wrong on mail in voting

Donald Trump is right again, social media company twitter wrong on mail in voter issues. Passaic County officials have released the names of about 3,200 people whose ballots were disqualified in Paterson’s controversy-plagued City Council elections – a list that includes Assemblyman Benjie Wimberly as well as various community leaders and their family members.

What election officials have not yet disclosed is exactly why each person’s vote was not counted in the results of the six ward council races, which were conducted entirely through vote-by-mail ballots because of the coronavirus crisis.

Donald Trump is right and twitter wrong on mail in voting

The reasons for the disqualifications normally are listed on a post-election report regarding mail-in ballots that is issued by the county after every election, officials said. But for some reason, officials said, this year’s electronic report was not displaying the explanations for the disqualification. Officials said they expect the problem to be fixed soon.

About 19% of the ballots submitted in the election have been disqualified.

Wimberly, the Assembly’s deputy Speaker, expressed shock on Friday night when Paterson Press informed him that his ballot was among the roughly 3,200 that were not counted in the city’s election. The votes cast by his wife and two sons also were disqualified, according to the county’s list.

“I mailed them at the downtown post office,” said Wimberly. “I will investigate.”

Officials say they believe the majority of the disqualified votes stem from problems that routinely arise with mail-in ballots, such as discrepancies between the signatures on the ballots and those on voter registration forms or flaws in the ways the ballots were filled out.

But the non-counted votes also includes more than 800 that the Passaic County Board of Elections decided to set aside and possibly turn over to law enforcement authorities because they allegedly were improperly bundled when mailed. Political insiders say bundling is a sign that candidates’ campaigns may be violating state election law.

Federal, state and county authorities all are investigating possible irregularities in the election, according to multiple sources. One losing candidate, long-time councilman William McKoy, already has filed a petition for a recount and others say they are considering doing so as well.

Under the official results released on May 19, a week after Election Day, McKoy was the only incumbent who lost. His defeat by former councilman Alex Mendez in the 3rd Ward race would shift the balance of power on the council against Mayor Andre Sayegh.

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