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Dog’s Cloudy Eyes May Be Normal Aging Change, Not Cataracts

Q: When Toto, my 10-year-old terrier, looks at me, his eyes appear cloudy. At last week’s wellness exam, his veterinarian said his eyes are healthy and he has no cataracts or other problems. So why do his eyes reflect a cloudy white-blue-gray haze?
A: It sounds like Toto has a condition called nuclear sclerosis, which is not a disease but a normal consequence of aging that starts in dogs around age 7.
Nuclear sclerosis, also called lenticular sclerosis, is hardening (sclerosis) of the center (nucleus) of the lens (lenticular). Most dogs with nuclear sclerosis have normal vision, though some have a bit more trouble focusing on nearby objects because the hard lens doesn’t change shape easily. Compare the condition to a middle-aged person who needs reading glasses….

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