Dog Photography Awards Reveals Top Dog Pictures of 2022—Avalanche Search K9s, Frisbees, and More

The abundant virtues of dog companionship are celebrated in full display in an annual worldwide dog photography competition, featuring some of the top dog photographs of the last year!
The Dog Photography Awards 2022 displays canine virtues such as: trust shown by dogs navigating obstacle courses at the commands of their masters; life, as exhibited in their lifesaving skills rescuing humans buried under an avalanche; and who can forget humor seen in dogs doing things “a little differently,” making us laugh—especially in front of the camera in a dog photographer’s studio.
Now, the winners of the Dog Photography Awards 2022 have been released after being chosen from some 1,400 entries, both professional and amateur, from 50 countries around the world—everywhere from Canada to Slovenia, from Germany to Greenland. A cash prize of 2,000 euros was awarded and divvied up, with 500 euros going to each of the top winners in the competition’s four categories, namely: Portrait and Landscape, Studio, Action, and Dogs and People….

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