Do You Feel Guilty Relaxing?

In this busy, modern culture, there can be a lot of pressure to be on the go, doing something “productive.” This societal attitude can make us feel as though we’re wasting time whenever we engage in activities such as watching TV shows (or sports), having whimsical conversations with friends or family, or simply spending time outdoors relaxing. I’ve felt this myself when doing something leisurely, which used to make me feel rather guilty. Although I knew it wasn’t particularly healthy to work every second from the time I hop out of bed in the morning to the time that I go to sleep at night, I’d still have this nagging feeling that I should be busier, doing more work-related activities, rather than “any of that fun stuff.” But when we pull back and look at the messaging we’re bombarded with—whether in podcasts, motivational videos, or psychology articles—it’s understandable that we …

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