‘Discriminatory and Wrong’: Conservative Leaders Oppose Quebec’s Proposed Tax on the Unvaccinated

Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole says he is opposed to Quebec’s plan to tax residents who refuse COVID-19 vaccination, while other Conservative politicians are also speaking out against the controversial penalty. O’Toole stated his position on Quebec Premier François Legault’s proposal during a Facebook Live event on Jan. 13, calling it unfair and predicting that it won’t persuade vaccine-hesitant Quebecers to finally roll up their sleeves. He also said Quebec’s proposal doesn’t align with Canada’s approach to health care and that it’s easy to “turn a frustrated 85 percent of the population against 10 or 15 other percent of the population,” referring to those who are vaccinated and those who refuse to get the shot. Earlier this week, Legault announced plans to impose a “significant” financial penalty on unvaccinated adults who don’t have a medical exemption. He said on Jan. 13 that a bill will be introduced in the province’s National Assembly …

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