Did MSNBC Ask Detroit Reporter To Wear A Face Mask As A Prop During His Coverage Of MI Governor Whitmer Protest?

WDIV reporter Rod Meloni had a Hectic day on covering a Demonstration organized by the Michigan Conservative Coalition from the lockdown orders by MI Governor Gretchen Whitmer April 15th, on Wednesday, in Lansing, MI.

Meloni covered the protest to your local news station, WDIV.   The protest was also covered by him MSNBC, for the cable news network. MSNBC’s sponsor Chuck Todd, speaking with three masked reporters.t It is not clear who the other two reporters are, as only 1 reporter spoke with Chuck Todd. We are not sure if the two masked reporters were looking in the section for effect or in Michigan?

His section started by explaining that although distancing supported at the protest, not everyone in the rally was adhering to this distancing sequence by the governor. MSNBC cut to WDIV affiliate reporter, Rod Meloni, who’s seen wearing a mask. Meloni pointed out that protesters were not adhering to the social distancing order.

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Close to the end of the interview, Meloni, who was still wearing a mask on his face, tells MSNBC viewers that it’s around 1:20 p.m.
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Shortly after his concealed interview with MSNBC, Rod Meloni seems again in the rally, but this time, he’s reporting for local WDIV, and he’s not wearing a mask–begging the question,”Was the mask a prop for MSNBC viewers?”

Was MSNBC trying to make a point that MI protesters were walking around without masks, while their reporters were clearly taking the right precautions, or were they simply setting the scene for sections that would show up on their network later, where they would criticize the Michigan protesters for not wearing masks or adhering to appropriate social bookmarking requests?
See the WDIV reporter who unexpectedly needed a mask in the MI rally:
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It is intriguing that last night MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow spoke with MI Governor Whitmer who accused the protesters of being reckless to not wearing masks, stating protesters have been”touching each other,” and standing too near. Whitmer mocked the citizens who came together to attract her focus on the damage her draconian orders are having on their companies and tasks when she told Maddow the protest was nothing more than a”political rally,” and people who came to Lansing to protest her overreaching executive orders, would”more than likely” be spreading the disease and causing the country to be shut down even longer.
A Microsoft website, MSN , also reported about the rally. In this specific essay, they used an image of a crowd of Trump supporters clustered wearing shorts and summer clothes. Michiganders in the rally on Wednesday were dressed in winter clothes. Although the headline of this report reads:”Crowd Gathers in Mich.. Capitol to Protest’Stay Home’ Purchase,” it’s not even clear if the photograph MSN used for their story was shot in Michigan. A conservative who attended the rally shared on Facebook the article. The unidentified Facebook user wrote,”How fine os MSN to give proof they lie in their coverage. she asked.

It takes them when viewers click on the MSN article. MSN identifies the protesters as a”big and raucous audience”

Are Americans tired of being duped by information resources they used to have the ability to trust? What do you think? Did MSN and MSNBC deceive their viewers or were they just mistakes?

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