Developing: Antifa Terrorists Discuss Plans to Expand Their Occupied Autonomous Zone in Seattle — Begin Shakedown of Local Businesses

As we mentioned Antifa domestic terrorists set an”autonomous zone” in six square blocks in Seattle over the weekend.
The antifa terrorists are advocating for”people with firearms” to shoot changes defending the barricades.
The Antifa group set up barricades for dining and public language in particular areas and the boundary.
Andy Ngo reported on this yesterday.

TRENDING: Antifa Releases List of Demands After Ending Police Dept. and shooting Up Armed Security Watch Over 6 Square Block Section at Seattle and Setting — List Contains Reparations

The antifa mob believes the district now belongs to them.

Should Seattle officials end this encampment?

On Tuesday”Free Capitol Hill” the antifa”Autonomous Zone” released its list of demands from the Seattle and Washington State authorities.
On Wednesday small business owners caught in the Antifa district reported threats from the Antifa Goons when they wouldn’t cover their own security.

Along with the Antifa mob is discussing expanding their land.
They are taking a look at police precincts to invade.
Via The Post Millennial:

Following the surrender of the East Precinct of the Seattle Police Department to an Antifa mob and the job of Seattle City Hall, a source on the earth in Seattle says that police precincts across the city are preparing to be the next targets.
Concerning the autonomous zone created from the Antifa-led mob, the sourcewhose anonymity we are protecting–says,”They pub media from entering and monitor people coming in. They are walking around fully equipped. Speaking about making their own money and producing their very own flag. SPD is speaking about abandoning the west precinct.
“West precinct has got the 911 telephone centre. This is just like the Occupy motion. Folks getting assaulted and raped and soon we will have feces and drugs at the encampments.

Read the rest here.

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