DeSantis Speaks Publicly For First Time About Wife’s Breast Cancer Battle Ahead

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.–A week after releasing a short, prepared statement about his wife’s breast cancer diagnosis, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) spoke publicly about the matter for the first time Tuesday. “I have faith,” DeSantis said told reporters during a news conference in St. Pete Beach. “I got faith in the big guy upstairs, and I’ve got faith in her. And I know that this is a bad break, but she’s got an awful lot to live for.” “She’s a very, very strong woman. It’s not been easy,” he said. “We’ve had to deal with that as a family.” The governor and First Lady Casey DeSantis have three children: Madison, 4, Mason, 3, and Mamie, 18 months, the first baby born in the Governor’s Mansion in more than 50 years. “We’ve got a lot of kids we’ve got to raise, and so it’s tough,” said DeSantis, who took office in January …

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