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DeSantis Raises $1 Million in First Hour of Presidential Candidacy

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis raised $1 million within one hour of formally announcing his presidential candidacy, according to his campaign.
DeSantis announced his 2024 run for president on May 24 during a Twitter Spaces interview with the social media platform’s owner Elon Musk. But the interview was plagued by technical problems as Twitter’s web servers repeatedly crashed.
“There was so much enthusiasm for Governor DeSantis’ vision for our Great American Comeback that he literally busted up the internet,” DeSantis press secretary Bryan Griffin said in a Twitter post. “Washington is next. $1 million raised online in one hour … and counting!”
The technical issues, according to Desantis’ campaign manager Generra Peck, were caused by the sheer number of people trying to tune in to the interview….

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