Dementia: Listening to A Favourite Playlist Linked to Reduced Symptoms

While music therapy reportedly has a positive effect on behaviour and mood in people living with dementia, it is not always easily accessible, particularly when resources for specialised dementia care may be limited. A new Australian study has found listening to personalised music or a playlist of one’s favourite music to be an affordable, non-drug alternative to music therapy that can significantly reduce dysfunctional behaviours, drug use, and carers’ stress in a rural aged care centre. Published in BMC Geriatrics, the study required those living with dementia to listen to their tailored playlists for 20-30 minutes twice a day on their personal devices during rest time. “Person-centered music interventions are a promising non-pharmacological approach of dementia care,” the study said. “Individualized preferred music that incorporates the cultural differences, personal memories, and individual taste has shown to improve attention, ability to access remote memory and emotions.” It also noted that the …

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