Deck the Halls (and Walls) With Fresh Cranberries for a Stunning Result

Fresh cranberries are available in supermarkets and grocery stores from October through December—a very short season! Stock up on fresh cranberries during the fall. Freeze them right in the bags they come in and they’ll be good for up to 12 months. Cranberries are a good source of various vitamins and antioxidants. And as nutritious and delicious as cranberries are, there are ways we can use inexpensive, fresh cranberries to make the holidays even more beautiful! Here are a few ideas. Centerpiece Start with some Styrofoam balls, any size. Cut a bunch of wood toothpicks in half. Stick a pick into the ball so that about 1/2 inch is sticking out. Push a cranberry onto the toothpick until it touches the foam ball. Repeat until the ball is covered, placing the cranberries close enough so the white ball does not show through. Set your cranberry balls on candle holders of …

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