Dear Next Generation: Advice From a 100-Year-Old

You asked what advice would I give the younger generation? I am Alice Fetty, 100 years old, firstborn of seven children to John and Norah Findley. At age 20, I married Raymond Fetty, a steel mill worker. God blessed us with a daughter, Norah, and two sons, Charles and Carl. Our family grew. All three of them married and gave us grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren. We’ve kept in touch with our family. Raymond passed away just 19 days before our 79th wedding anniversary.
I have witnessed many changes in past years, but I believe the rules that formed my life are just as valuable for any generation. There was no cursing or foul language spoken in our home. We were taught to be respectful, to give honor and tithe to the Lord, and to save 10 percent of earnings for emergency and old age….

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