Dear June: Husband Is Not Protecting Me From Our Resentful Son

Dear June, My question concerns my 23-year-old son, Will, who lives with my husband and me. He is our third child of four. Two and a half years ago, Will quit college and enlisted in the Navy. He intends to become a SEAL. He has not gone to the Navy due to COVID-19. Will, in my opinion, holds anger and bitterness toward me because he believes his father works six days per week because I work part-time. Will targets me with rudeness and insensitivity. He has told me he doesn’t like me or love me, while having a good, but (in my opinion) codependent relationship with his dad. My husband tries to stay out of the strife between our son and me. This disrespect toward me from Will has been going on since Will was 16 years old. My husband and I were separated for eight months (due to my …

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