Dear June: Facing Family Strife With Calm

Dear June, I’m a conservative in a family of liberals/leftists, all of whom have gone along willingly with their party’s slide into authoritarianism justified by Trump (and conservative) hatred. I used to be an even more rabid leftist in my youth, but marrying a Russian Orthodox wife and joining her community here in San Francisco, and now having embraced faith with the help of Dennis Prager and Jordan Peterson, I’ve become a conservative. I try not to discuss politics with my family, but as they say, politics is downstream from culture.  I find I have nothing in common with them, and they barely hide their contempt for my worldview. For example, my two sons and I decided to visit my parents as a holiday surprise, a four-hour flight and several days’ hotel stay, only to be turned away in a half-hour when my sister (who was staying with them) and brother …

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